Want to make the best use of your SMS marketing journey but not sure how to reap benefits other than texting? Integrate your SMS marketing platform with your point-of-sale machine, CRM, WhatsApp, social media, and several other channels to facilitate omnichannel marketing.

Today, we introduce you to our tool’s two most prominent features, which clients have admired enough. With Textmunication’s text marketing tool, you can do a hassle-free integration of your WhatsApp number and PoS machines, software, and tools.

Textmunication SMS Marketing Integration Features

  1. SMS integration with PoS

    Integrate your Point-of-Sale machines, software tools, and kiosks with Textmunication’s text marketing tool, Smart Automated Messaging, or SAM. This helps growing brands like yours to streamline and automate their billing operations. This enriches customer engagement, communication, and billing data transactions, thus rendering a smooth and memorable customer experience.

    Tasks SMS integration with PoS can perform:

    • Automated Trigger

      Schedule an automated update about pre-decided tasks to several of your users (or the whole subscriber list). For instance, share a reward scheme with your loyalty club members from your kiosk or software when you hit the quota of thousand members.

      for a price slash or discount coupons

    • Manual Trigger

      Trigger a text to several customers on a spontaneous or predefined task from the PoS software. For instance, share a coupon code with users having a $300 monthly spent. Or offer a price slash on the next bill to a user who’s crossed the threshold of $100 in one day.

    • Ad hoc Texting

      Nothing can be as satisfying to users as the instant texts about their bill value to cross-verify the right deduction while shopping. Send automated instant updates to individuals about the total spend and a link to the e-invoice for their quick reference.

      Here are some primary benefits of integrating SMS marketing with PoS:

    • Improved Customer Communication and Experience

      Trigger-based automated transactional messages via SMS for order value and receipts, promotional updates, and price slash days remove communication gaps with users. This SMS integration with PoS machines and tools improves the customer experience with real-time and accurate transactional updates.

    • Enhanced Data Management

      You can consolidate transactional data from the POS and SMS systems to analyze and churn insights and KPIs into sales and customer behavior. This integration can be a great tool to narrow down to high-ticket clients for relevant promotions and other regular users for special offers.

    • Increased efficiency

      Real-time updates and automated SMSs reduce manual efforts, freeing your teams to concentrate on other tasks. This also reduces the error margins in relaying financial numbers and communication.

      Also read about SAMteletext and SAMchat features for easy and smooth user conversation.

  2. WhatsApp and SMS Integration

    Integrate your SMS marketing and WhatsApp number to communicate with your users on several topics using Textmunication. WhatsApp SMS integration provides several benefits for businesses, including improved customer communication, increased customer engagement, enhanced customer support, increased brand awareness, and cost-effective marketing.

    Tasks SMS integration with WhatsApp can perform:

    • SMS Messages Broadcast

      Whether you want to promote an event or an existing product or service, send an automatic or manually triggered update to your SMS subscribers via WhatsApp. Communicating with users was never this easy.

    • Transactional and Promotional Updates

      Share all transactional messages to your users and send a soft copy of the invoice to a link to it via WhatsApp integration. Likewise, share all promotional messages, loyalty reward points, and referral bonuses with your esteemed users.

    • Template-Based Messaging

      You don’t need to limit your messages to boring character-only texts. Use any or every of the several available templates to communicate on WhatsApp. This helps you to embed images, animated pictures, and videos for better attention.

    • Customer Support

      Let your users also communicate with your brand. This WhatsApp integration irons out the wrinkles in communication with 2-way messaging. You can handle basic customer care queries with automated replies, improving their problem-solving experience.

      Here are some primary benefits of integrating SMS marketing with WhatsApp:

    • Improved Customer Experience and Engagement

      WhatsApp, a widely used messaging platform, allows businesses like yours to reach out to a large crowd and offers two-way messaging, making it comfortable for users to interact in real time.

      WhatsApp updates related to promotions, new launches, sales, events, and grievance redressal engages customers without long calls or boring emails.

    • Enhanced Customer Support

      SMS integration with WhatsApp provides a personal and interactive way for businesses to solve issues of users and build stronger relationships, too, with quick and effective query resolution. Thus, improving customer experience and strengthening the relationship.

    • Increased Brand Awareness

      Integrating SMS marketing with WhatsApp offers businesses a platform to address a large audience for brand marketing and product awareness. If your WhatsApp text (with insensitive data) passes through several hands, you get free promotions like word of mouth.

    • Cost-Effective Marketing

      SMS integration with WhatsApp avails a cost-effective marketing channel compared to print and social media marketing. And since this reaches your customers personally, it doesn’t drown in the noise of similar messages and creates an impact.

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Which Integration Would You Choose?

What you choose depends on your business requirement. But who you choose as your partner makes it easy every day going ahead. Whether you like combining your PoS, WhatsApp communication, or both, choose a partner that suits your budget and business goals.

Textmunication, a leading market player in text marketing, helps businesses of all scales to excel in customer communication. Contact us here for your marketing needs and get a free demo today.


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