Social media is one of the mainstream digital marketing avenues, an indispensable part of businesses. And when combined with the 98% open rate of SMS marketing, this amalgamation provides businesses like yours with a powerful toolkit to maximize reach and engagement with customers. Integrating social media platforms with SMS and MMS marketing and communication platforms can push your marketing to new levels of success.

Here are some industry-specific use cases, social media techniques, and benefits of combining social media platforms with SMS and MMS Marketing.

How to Boost Your Social Media Campaigns with MMS and SMS Marketing

  1. Facebook

    You can offer so much by coupling Facebook with your text messaging system. Here are some proven ways to gain more user engagement.

    • Drive your audience through Facebook ads to a landing page where customers can opt-in to receive SMS and MMS updates.
    • Offer exclusive discounts via Facebook posts when users sign up for SMS notifications for future updates and deals.
    • Use Facebook Messenger to automate customer interactions and provide personalized MMS and SMS updates based on user preferences.

    Example: A clothing retailer can create a Facebook ad with their latest collection and direct users to a landing page to sign up for SMS alerts. Once subscribed, customers can receive exclusive and early previews of new arrivals via MMS and get personalized SMS notifications about flash sales or limited-time discounts.

  2. Instagram

    Instagram has become one of the primary promotional channels for businesses. You can use it in conjunction with text marketing in the following ways:

    • Utilize Instagram Stories to generate curiosity. Include a CTA and prompt users to send a keyword via an SMS or MMS to receive additional information or exclusive offers.
    • Run contests or giveaways on Instagram that require participants to send an SMS or MMS entry to enter the competition.
    • Use Instagram direct messages to provide personalized customer support and encourage users to opt-in for crisp and faster SMS and MMS messages with relevant updates.

    Example: A restaurant can share mouth-watering images on Instagram Stories and encourage followers to text a keyword to a designated number for a chance to win a free meal.

  3. Twitter

    Twitter can prove to be a gold mine for businesses when used alongside SMS marketing and communication for its crip content, just like text messaging.

    • Run Twitter polls to engage with followers and encourage them to participate via SMS or MMS.
    • Share exclusive content or previews on Twitter and direct interested users to sign up for SMS or MMS updates to receive the full catalog.
    • Use Twitter Direct Messages to offer customer support and provide SMS and MMS follow-ups with additional assistance or information with their consent.

    Example: A tech company can create a Twitter poll asking followers to vote for their favorite feature in an upcoming product release. Ask them to send an SMS with the reason for their vote in return for an exclusive offer through a lottery in case their vote wins. Declare the winners through social media and SMS them about their trophies. You can even share a special pre-order discount with those who participated as a gesture of appreciation.

  4. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a worthy channel to promote your products and services in the B2B arena. It has immense potential when tied up with a marketing channel like SMS.

    • Share informative industry updates and insights on LinkedIn and encourage professionals to sign up for SMS and MMS notifications for further analysis or reports.
    • Use LinkedIn messaging to connect with potential leads and offer SMS and MMS follow-ups with more detailed product information or demos.

    Example: A financial firm can share a LinkedIn post discussing recent regulatory changes and their impact on the industry. Professionals interested in receiving deeper insights can send an SMS to the business and subscribe for regular financial updates and exclusive reports.

Benefits of Combining SMS and Social Media Together

  1. Increased Engagement

    By using social media, promote your SMS and MMS campaigns and encourage your followers to sign up for text message updates. This helps increase engagement with your audience and drive traffic to your digital stores.

  2. Improved Customer Service

    Promote how you offer quick and easy customer services through SMS and MMS on your social media handles. Reach out to individual inboxes and promote SMS opt-ins for quick resolution of the issues. Thus, improve your customer satisfaction score.

  3. Increased Sales

    Deploy SMSes and MMSes to promote your products or services and share this with the world through social media. This increases sales and revenue because every word that promotes your offerings counts.

  4. Improved Targeting

    Leverage social media to target specific groups of customers and seek their subscription to your SMS and MMS with messages. This can help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

  5. Increased Brand Awareness

    Utilize SMS marketing to increase brand awareness. This can help invite new and more customers and expand your business.

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How Textmunication Can Help Businesses with Text Marketing

Textmunication, which specializes in SMS and MMS marketing and communication, has been serving various industries for over 13 years. You can leverage Textmunication in conjunction with social media platforms for maximum benefits. Here are some use cases:

Textmunication + Instagram

Promotional Campaign: A fitness center wants to promote an offer on new memberships using Textmunication and Instagram. Here are the steps:

  1. The fitness center creates an eye-catching Instagram post displaying the benefits of their new membership offer.
  2. In the post caption, they ask users to text a keyword (e.g., “FITNESS”) to a designated Textmunication number to receive more information and a special discount code.
  3. Users who send the SMS receive an automated response with details about the membership offer and a unique discount code.
  4. Additionally, the fitness center can set up automated MMS and SMS drip campaigns to send updates, fitness tips, and motivational messages to subscribers.

This integration of Instagram with SMS via Textmunication allows the fitness center to capture leads, deliver exclusive offers, and engage with potential customers.

Textmunication + Instagram

Lead Generation Campaign: An e-commerce store wants to generate leads using Textmunication and Facebook.

  1. The store creates a Facebook lead generation ad that prompts users to sign up for exclusive deals and updates.
  2. When users click on the ad, they are directed to a lead form within Facebook, where they enter their contact information, including their phone number.
  3. Once users submit the form, Textmunication’s integration with Facebook captures their phone numbers and adds them to the store’s MMS and SMS marketing list.
  4. The store can then send targeted SMS and MMS campaigns with special discounts, new product announcements, and personalized recommendations.

This integration of Textmunication and Facebook enables the e-commerce store to build a robust SMS and MMS subscriber list and increase engagement.

Textmunication + Twitter

Customer Support : A telecommunications company wants to provide efficient customer support using Textmunication and Twitter.

  1. The company promotes its dedicated customer support line on Twitter, encouraging users to send a text message to the Textmunication number for quick assistance.
  2. When customers send a text message, Textmunication’s platform captures their inquiries and routes them to the appropriate customer support representative.
  3. The company’s customer support team can respond to customer queries through SMS, providing timely and personalized assistance.
  4. If the issue requires more detailed information or follow-up, the customer support team can send MMS messages with screenshots, instructional videos, or troubleshooting steps.

This integration of Textmunication and Twitter allows the telecommunications company to streamline customer support and provide efficient solutions through SMS and MMS communication.

Industry-Specific Use Cases of Social Media with SMS Marketing

Here are some industry-based examples of how social media and SMS and MMS can be used together:


A retail business can use social media to promote an SMS and MMS campaign that offers a discount on a specific product. The business could then use social media to promote the campaign and encourage customers to sign up for text message updates.


A restaurant can use social media to promote an SMS and MMS campaign that offers a free appetizer with the purchase of an entrée. The business could then use social media to promote the campaign and encourage customers to sign up for more such freebies and vouchers.

Service Provider

A service provider can use social media to promote an SMS and MMS campaign that offers a free consultation. The business could then use social media to promote the campaign and encourage customers to sign up for text message updates.


A non-profit can use social media to promote an SMS and MMS campaign that asks for donations. The business can also use social media to encourage customers to sign up for text message updates.

Here are some more industry-agnostic use cases for gelling social media with SMS and MMS:

Notifications and Promotional Messages

Create SMS and MMS campaigns that notify customers about new products, sales, or events or share knowledge nuggets. Now spread the word about these campaigns on social media and seek SMS subscriptions from your audience, thus, keeping your customers informed and engaged.

You can even ask your users on social media to send a text to a designated number to receive vouchers. For instance, the first 100 customers with successfully sent texts would receive a 20% discount on their next purchases.


Bank on social media to promote SMS and MMS campaigns that conduct surveys and grow your contact database. This helps businesses gather feedback from a wider network and improve their products and services.


Businesses can use social media to promote SMS and MMS campaigns that conduct polls for their customers. This can help businesses gauge customer sentiment and identify trends.

Contests and Raffles

Promote SMS and MMS campaigns on social media that conduct contests and giveaways. This increases customer engagement and attracts new customers.

Overall, social media with Textmunication SMS and MMS can be a powerful combination for businesses. By using these tools effectively, you can achieve several goals, irrespective of your industry. Should you need a demo, reach out to us here.


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