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A simple solution that results in big outcomes thanks to a few factors:

Text-enabling your business doesn’t require any downloads, apps, or extra backend work for existing or prospective employees. All they need is their cell phone, which statistically almost all employees already have! The learning curve related to text marketing software is limited for you as well due to the existing common knowledge on SMS.

Not only is texting familiar to your employees, but it’s something they’re already doing every day. Texts are read, responded to, and interacted with more frequently than emails, phone calls, or social media posts. In short, it’s virtually the fastest way to reach people no matter the distance between you.

It’s a strong recruitment tool with 70% of job seekers using mobile devices to consider their next career move. Just begin to consider how much easier open enrollment periods, scheduling meetings/ interviews, and managing payroll could be without the hassle of missed emails, full mailboxes, and every other communication barrier that has you banging your head against the wall.

Ideas on how to include text messaging in your strategy

Send Motivational Messages or Employee Kudos

Schedule Meetings

Payroll Reminders

Advertise Open Positions

Manage Benefits & Open Enrollment

Send Out Employee Surveys

Company Event Reminders

Ensure Training Compliance

Recruitment Tool

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Learn how to develop a text message marketing strategy for your industry

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