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We’ve seen stores experience remarkable growth in the way they communicate once they started with text marketing. Just a few areas of improvement include:

Better offer redemption

Between coupons, mailers, newspaper inserts, and emails— nobody works harder to provide savings opportunities than grocery stores. However, sometimes this inundation of offers results in lower redemption rates by consumers. With texting, valuable and specific offers go directly to your customers’ cellphone increasing the chances of bringing customers into the store to make a purchase drastically.

Heightened brand awareness

An increase in awareness almost always leads to higher revenue. Receiving regular, quick communications from your grocery store can increase a customer’s familiarity and friendliness with your brand. That kind of back and forth is a key ingredient in building customer loyalty.

Sets you apart from the competition

Text marketing is still relatively new to the digital marketing world. And of all the industries to adopt it, grocery stores are on the smaller side. This presents a unique opportunity to set yourself apart by being the only grocery store your customers know that they can communicate with via text message.

Focus attention on most engaged customers

A lot of money and resources can be wasted on latent audiences. While your email marketing list may have thousands, how many are actually reading and engaging with your material? Text marketing, however, requires subscribers to provide express consent to receive messages. By nature, this automatically gives you your most active audience. Can anyone say ROI?

Ideas on how to include text messaging in your strategy

Restock or Product Announcements

Seasonal Product Announcements

Event Announcements


Weekly Discounts

Create a Loyalty Program

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