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WooCommerce API Access

We are excited to announce a special update for WooCommerce platform users.

We have just launched our WooCommerce API experience. Now WooCommerce users can take advantage of the ability to scale their direct to consumer strategy with their online stores. When you integrate WooCommerce with Textmunication, you can automatically sync important customer data between the two platforms. This two-way data sync ensures that your customer data is always up-to-date and ready for mobile engagement.

Available features and functionality your team can create with our WooCommerce API to improve sales, order visibility and customer engagement are:


  • Abandoned Cart Reminders: Automated text reminders and recover abandoned carts with personalized SMS reminders triggered by real-time cart abandonment data.
  • Synchronized Order Updates: Keep customers informed with timely SMS notifications on order confirmations, payment updates, and shipping statuses – all synced seamlessly with your WooCommerce data.
  • Enhanced Customer Targeting and Re-targeting: Leverage key customer data segments you create and manage in your WooCommerce dashboard to seamlessly sync over to SAM by Textmunication. Data segments like purchase history, interests or demographics can be used so you can deliver targeted text marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

This feature is accessible to all online store merchants who are using WooCommerce now.

Shopify API Access

We are excited to announce a special update to the eCommerce world of Shopify store users!

Our Shopify API access is now live.

It is built for your business and works with the latest Shopify themes. Shopify has over 2 million daily active users who are always in search for the best extensions to improve their eCommerce experience for their customers.

Now you can all implement text marketing into your online strategy to:

  • – Capture leads with mobile responsive forms that sync in real-time.
  • – Automate welcome greetings via SMS and MMS messaging.
  • – Utilize conversion gamification features like Spin The Wheel, Mobile Scratcher, Trivia and more.
  • – Personalized recurring text campaigns based on online store promotions and customer shopping behavior.
  • – Access to all the functionality in a single no-code and unified platform.

This feature is accessible to all online store merchants who are using Shopify now.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders just launched!

Appointment reminders is a campaign feature that is as important as it sounds! Who wants to miss their appointments? No one! But how easy are they to forget sometimes with everything going on? Appointment reminders are a text marketing automated feature that improves net and gross attendance ratios.

What appointment reminders can offer your business:

  • – A reduction in no shows to important events and appointments.
  • – Increase participation, upsells and cross-sells.
  • – Improve your overall customer satisfaction rating.

This feature is located in the main menu and gives you the ability to create an appointment reminder text marketing system, target specific groups and automate event details information and text messages.


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