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Textmunication makes it easier for businesses to create sentiment with their clients using existing technology that is already on all of our devices. It was just about taking what was already there and making it more valuable. These are real customer success case studies on how teams are getting it done through the medium.

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The Energy Club has used a variety of member engagement strategies over the past 30 years. Although the experience was different when they used a tool that was integrated and automated with their CRM. Here is their story on how they used Jonas Messaging, Textmunication’s white label with Jonas Fitness to stay open during the pandemic and exceed membership sales.

KUBEX Fitness offers a special work out environment for its members. It is unique because it adds a virtual touch to a private workout experience. This club floor orientation has helped combat the changes in consumer sentiment regarding the normal social structures health clubs have. Using EZMessaging, Textmunication’s white label with EZFacility, KUBEX Fitness was able to find an effective and resilient communication strategy.

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Four Seasons Health Club uses a mixture of Textmunication’s features to improve the accuracy of membership data summaries, redevelop departmental communication and ramp up their existing membership flow.

UCAN Chicago access the app marketplace of Blackbaud’s social good CRM Raiser’s edge NXT to leverage Textmunication for integrated engagement, fundraising and virtual event management

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Sharilynn and her team at Fit Factory improve member and prospect engagement by launching their text message marketing strategy into 7 health clubs and on a billboard.

Valerie Craig from Raintree Athletic Club tells us how Jonas Messaging scaled her communication effective as a marketing manager using automated text messaging solutions.

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Steve at Glo Tanning Studio tells us the story about how SMS marketing strategies helped recover 30% of his sales since Salon storefronts were closed nationwide in the US because of the pandemic.

Explore The Success of Other Clients Using SMS

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Thanks, Nick, for the best practices. It has been a world wind today with Giving Tuesday but for the most part – TMX did an awesome job, and we only had a slight learning curve.

You and Lisa were amazing, and together, we raised nearly $30,000 today! Thank you for being flexible and making it happen!

– Teresa A. Witt, CFRE, Director of Development

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“I have used Textmunication for our restaurant for about 8 weeks now and, each time we do a text “blast”, we immediately see the result- literally within the hour. It wakes people up and reminds them that we are here and a better option than what they had originally planned. Love it!”

– Doug Zeif, Managing Member
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“we use text communication a lot as another channel of communication to alert our members and audience of important events we may have going on a specific month. We have great success using the spin the wheel feature at events where we provide prizes and that enrolls them to receive text alerts from us”

– Leo Callejas SHCC – President

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Very friendly staff and customer support. Always eager to help. Offers a good SMS text communication platform that is easy to use and even offers API capabilities for those that have developers on their team.


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In just 30 days and a series of 4 billing text launches, we experienced a 30% increase of initial decline collections which has continued every month since.

– Kiara Rusconi, Executive Vice President

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Textmunication INCREASES WoW Work Out World’s Decline Revenue by 12%.

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Maxx Fitness Clubzz Increases Their Member Base with SMS Marketing 400+ Memberships Enrolled in Three Days!!! Now days text messaging should be a part of every company’s communication strategy and after reviewing several companies Textmunication has figured it out for health and fitness clubs.

– Eric Jozwiak, Marketing Director

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Textmunication is a great way to reach all of your database in a seamless and professional manner along with getting a great response it takes no time at all.

– Debbie Stewart, President of Shapes Franchising

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We sent 211 texts, and I had some of the girls that work with me in the salon record some of of our redemtions tallying them out on a piece of paper, but it just got way too busy we stopped after about 20, but from my observation I am I’m guessing 50 or so came in, which is great during our slow time. The campaign worked great and I am very happy! We are conducting interviews to hire more staff!.

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Absolutely! We find texting with Textmunication is the most effective way to reach our customers and drive foot traffic and online orders when want too..

– Pizza Factory – Woodlake, Ca

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I would recommend it as a way of reaching out to existing customers and potential new customers.

– Salon owner Steve Tenabe

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We are very excited about the service. It has encouraged us to do more weekly specials. Its a wonderful avenue. Salon owners should at least try the program. It’s very effective when partnered with the right marketing and promotions.

– Roger Walker, Owner

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Our sales system has improved dramatically and thus our sales across the board have increased and Textmunication is a huge part of the reason why.

–  PJ Jones, District Manager

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This specific location has sent a total of four campaigns with Textmunication thus far and is averaging a 13% redemptions thus far on their mobile coupons.

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Eagle Fitness Recovers over 75% of Billing Returns with Textmunication SMS Solutions. I would recommend text message communication to any club large or small because it is a nice, unobtrusive way to contact members about issues, updates, or just offers you may have going in the club that they may want to know about.

– Raquel Rehman, Club Manager

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Enrolls 700 New Members Through Textmunication’s Mobile Messaging Solution

– Eric Jozwiak, Club Operator

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Codebrew has established a database of over 1200 subscribers. Their average redemption
on coupons and offers has been 9%-16% depending on the offer. One campaigned
reached as high as 77% redemption for free coffee day.

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With Textmunication offer program, Celia’s has experienced a low redemption of 6 and high redemption of 42%. Offers and times of day sent would vary.

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Textmunications has been able to assist us with not only increasing leads and sales but with member retention.

– Trisha Da Silva, Marketing Director

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More cost effective, easier to manage, better results, faster results. We replaced Infusion Software with Textmunication.

– Terry Brown, Club Owner & Operator for 20 + years

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Ever since we incorporated Textmunication it has been nice to not have to worry about making another phone call, leaving another voicemail or sending another email that is never going to get read. It’s going right to their phone.



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