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Dickeys Barbeque Pit

Dickeys Barbeque Pit Case Study


Company & Location : Dickeys Barbeque Pit in

Common Keyword & Short Code Used : DICKEYS & 87365

Duration : July 1, 2010 - Present


* To establish a database of new & existing customers mobile numbers within the Livermore City & surrounding area.
* To increase brand awareness for a new brand such as Dickeys to the Northern California area as Dickeys Barbeque Pit is from Dallas, Texas.
* Dickeys Barbeque Pit wanted to take a pro-active approach to communicate with customers with updates & offers to increase sales & foot traffic.

Call to Action:

Dickeys Barbeque Pit encouraged people to opt in via text message to participate in a contest for a chance to win a free meal by joining their mobile club. Dickeys Barbeque Pit also encouraged people to join theprogram by offering a FREE drink in their Big Famous Yellow Cup with a purchase.


Dickeys Barbeque Pit deployed a launch kit in their establishment with material such as: table tents, posters, POP collateral, glass decal, and frequency VIP cards to hand out to customers. The material marketed their keyword, short code and call to actions on them to create awareness. They have also recently applied their keyword & short code to a new advertisement they have on a bus wrap which is generating new leads for this business.


This location has established a database of 235 subscribers from the internal marketing & after just launching their bus wrap they have received an additional 33 subscribers from that media which is a total of 268. This specific location has sent a total of four campaigns thus far and is averaging a 13% redemptions thus far on their mobile coupons.

Dickeys Barbeque Pit Dickeys Barbeque Pit DICKEYS 87365 July 01, 2010 - Present
Brentwood Car Wash

Brentwood Car Wash Case Study

Brent Cwash

Company & Location : Brentwood Car Wash in

Common Keyword & Short Code Used : BWWASH & 87365

Duration : June 2010 - Present


To establish a database of loyal customers with whom Brentwood Car Wash could communicate and send targeted ads in order to increase sales and foot traffic.

Call to Action:

The Brentwood Car Wash encouraged people to join the mobile coupon club for weekly specials and updates. Customers that joined received an instant coupon on their cell phone which offered them a discount off their next visit. A secondary call to action encouraged people to participate in a customer service poll.


Textmunication’s graphic team designed a launch kit which consisted of marketing materials such as: a 10′x3′ banner which hung at the entrance to the car wash; posters for the lobby; and, VIP capture cards that were handed out to each customer as they ordered and paid for services.


The Brentwood Car Wash has established a database of more than 400 mobile subscribers and sent a total of 9 campaigns in the short time since they began using our services. They had a redemption rate of 12% in their third month which totaled forty-four customers that used their mobile coupons. One offer that was extended was a discount of $5 off an ultra shield wash; another was for a FREE dressing with the purchase of their “Works Plus” car wash.

Brentwood Car Wash Brentwood Car Wash BWWASH 87365 June 29, 2010 - Present
The Pizza Factory

The Pizza Factory Case Study

Pizza Factory

Company & Location : The Pizza Factory in

Common Keyword & Short Code Used : PFAC & 87365

Duration : July 1, 2010 - Present


The goal was to obtain a tool that would allow them to effectively communicate with their customers and allow them to get information out to their customers immediately. The Pizza Factory also wanted to use SMS marketing as a tool to measure the effectiveness of other marketing they were already using. Pizza Factory franchisee owners found that the more traditional ways of marketing such as, direct mail and email, were not providing the results needed. As a result, The Pizza Factory chose to try Textmunication’s SMS marketing program.

Call to Action:

Consumers were offered a FREE snack appetizer, or a FREE upgrade on their pizza at point of sale, for joining the program. A second call to action encouraged their customers to join their VIP mobile club to receive exclusive offers and to be entered to win FREE pizza for the year.


Textmunication’s sales team looked at the overall marketing strategy for Pizza Factory’s three locations and suggested that they include their keyword and short code to their current direct mail campaigns, door hangers, and Facebook page in order to acquire customers. Textmunication’s graphic team designed a launch kit consisting of marketing materials that Pizza Factory deployed at their three locations which included: banners, table tops, and counter stands to display at the registers.


Pizza Factory’s three locations have collectively established a database of over 673 subscribers. They collected 100 of those numbers within the first three weeks of using the program. Pizza Factory sends an average of three campaigns per month with coupons, fundraising events, and special offers. Their redemption rates have been as high as 22% on any given campaign. This redemption rate is higher than anything they have realized with any other marketing campaigns. The program was so successful that The Pizza Factory has decided to endorse and offer this mobile marketing program to all of their franchise owners.

The Pizza Factory The Pizza Factory PFAC 87365 July 01, 2010 - Present
Fresh Choice

Fresh Choice Case Study


Company & Location : Fresh Choice in

Common Keyword & Short Code Used : FRESH & 87365

Duration : August 2010 to Present


Fresh Choice was looking for a program that would allow them to send rnpin point targeted ads with precise timing to establish increased brand rnawareness and more importantly drive foot traffic and sales. The goal rnwas to establish a new and innovative program that produced higher rnredemption conversions than traditional programs and traditional media.

Call to Action:

Fresh Choice encouraged customers to join their mobile list for rnexclusive offers & a chance to win free Fresh Choice for an entire rnyear.


The Fresh Choice marketing team created visual art signage to place rnwithin their restaurants. The signage consisted of; table tops, POP rncollateral, & posters to create awareness of the program.


Over the last seven months Fresh Choice has learned that their rncustomers have been really receptive to text messaging as their rnpreferred mode of communication. Since the start of the program Fresh rnChoice has accumulated a mobile list up to 3,989 subscribers and they rnhave experienced redemption rates between 7%-11% depending on the rnrestaurants location.

Fresh Choice Fresh Choice FRESH 87365 August 01, 2010 - Present
Shirasoni Restaurant

Shirasoni Restaurant Case Study


Company & Location : Shirasoni Restaurant in

Common Keyword & Short Code Used : SHIRASONI & SHIRASONIVIP & 87365

Duration : October 1, 2010 - Present


To communicate with customers about specials, events, rewards club updates, happy hours, sporting events, birthdays and more. Through experience, Shirasoni found that their email club was averaging disturbingly low read rates and therefore, a low redemption rate on special offers. They also found that Facebook was a fun way to communicate with customers but that they were not realizing any increase in sales or foot traffic as a direct result. Through Facebook, messages were not reaching their customers effectively because of the need to be in front of their computers and logged into Facebook in order to read new posts. Shirasoni turned to mobile marketing in an effort to communicate with their customers in a more timely manner. They sought to increase sales and foot traffic using this new tool. It was also used as a way to retain and drive in existing patrons.

Call to Action:

Shirasoni encouraged new and existing customers to join their mobile rewards club for exclusive specials, invites, birthday specials, and to earn points for future perks. Participants that joinedwere also entered to win FREE food for the year (one meal for the winner each month with a value not to exceed a set amount).


Shirasoni marketed their mobile rewards program several ways: on their website; to their email club; on Facebook; and in a local city magazine. Internally, they used a roll up banner that they placed in their lobby and VIP cards that they handed out to their customers along with their receipts. Shirasoni also used a different keyword for each medium so that they could source the data and track which advertising medium was the most effective.


By obtaining permission from existing customers to transfer their mobile numbers to the SMS program and organic growth from their marketing efforts, in only two months, Shirasoni grew their customer database to just over 4,000 members. The growth rate overall averaged 66 new subscribers per day (33 per location). Shirasoni realized over $2K in sales on their very first campaign!

Shirasoni Restaurant Shirasoni Restaurant SHIRASONI & SHIRASONIVIP 87365 October 01, 2010 - Present
The Big C Athletic Club

The Big C Athletic Club Case Study


Company & Location : The Big C Athletic Club in

Common Keyword & Short Code Used : BIGC & 87365

Duration : June 1, 2010 - Present


The Big C Athletic Club needed an effective tool for lead generation; the traditional flyers and company website were not generating enough leads to keep up with the monthly sales goals. The Big C Athletic Club wanted a method that would help them obtain targeted and highly interested leads to increase sales opportunities and acquire new members for their club.

Call to Action:

The Big C Athletic Club marketed their keyword through various advertising means and encouraged people to text in to receive a FREE trial membership. For joining, they would also be entered into a contest for a chance to win a one year membership.


The Big C Athletic Club marketed their keyword in high traffic areas such as the local Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train stations. BART is the Bay Area’s public transportation train system that shuttles travelers all throughout the Bay Area. The Big C Athletic Club purchased ad space that was located on the train platforms where travelers would wait for their trains. As people texted in to enter the contest that offered free trial memberships, someone from The Big C Athletic Club’s sales force would instantly be notified by the notification feature. They could then immediately call back and schedule appointments with those hot leads. This was a much more effective tactic than flyer distribution had been in the past.


In the first 30 days of the program The Big C Athletic Club was able to obtain 71 new targeted leads which produced 21 new memberships for the month. That totaled $1,575 in new membership sales for The Big C Athletic Club in its first month using the text marketing program. The Big C Athletic Club averaged 22 new leads per month from [the BART campaign]. With the successful launch in the first phase of this campaign, The Big C Athletic Club decided to start marketing the program on their website and on their Facebook page. The Big C Athletic Club has also decided to launch this program internally as a means for communicating with existing members about club updates, events, referrals, family add-ons, personal training package specials, and more.

The Big C Athletic Club The Big C Athletic Club BIGC 87365 June 01, 2010 - Present
Celia's Restaurant

Celia's Restaurant Case Study


Company & Location : Celia's Restaurant in

Common Keyword & Short Code Used : CELIAS & 87365

Duration : February 2010 - Present


During these tough economic times today’s consumers are limiting their expenses and staying in for meals rather than dinning out. When they do go out, they want to get the best value for their money. Celia’s ownership recognized that this was particularly important within their demographic and wanted to find a more effective method for communicating with their customers about special offers and discounts. They also sought a marketing medium that would help them increase sales and foot traffic more effectively than through traditional marketing methods such as print and direct mail. Celia’s chose Textmunication as their mobile solutions provider and began utilizing the service to send out incentivized offers and discounts to drive in repeat business.


Celia’s deployed a launch kit that was designed by the Textmunication graphics team that consisted of table tents and a roll up banner for the lobby. Both of these marketing tools encouraged customers to text in for a chance to win free food for the year. Outbound campaigns consisted of: a free appetizer with the purchase of any entree; buy one meal get a second of equal or lesser value half off; 15% – 25% off the entire bill during specific times; invites to come down and enjoy a live mariachi band; and, invites to watch sports programs on their big screen TV. Regular offers and/or announcements were scheduled to go out just before lunch and dinner rushes. The more aggressive offers were sent out when the restaurant was experiencing slow times. Celia’s also applied their keyword to external marketing media like magazine print ads and direct mail; they encouraged new customers to text in for a free entree to attract new business (with a limitation of one free entree per subscriber).


Since the inception of the program, Celia’s has established a database of over 800 subscribers within their local area. Depending on the campaign sent, Celia’s experienced varied redemption rates as high as 42%. Over the course of the campaign, the Opt-outs have remained below 10%. Overall it has been a very successful component of their marketing strategy.

Celia's Restaurant Celia's Restaurant CELIAS 87365 February 01, 2010 - Present
Code Brew Coffee Shop

Code Brew Coffee Shop Case Study


Company & Location : Code Brew Coffee Shop in

Common Keyword & Short Code Used : CODEBREW & 87365

Duration : September 2009 - Present


In order for this new coffee and pastry shop to survive in the city of Brentwood, against competitors like Starbucks, Code Brew needed to find a means of marketing that would give them an edge over their competition . After experimenting with magazine print ads, email clubs, and a Facebook page, Code Brew found very little success. They were successful at acquiring emails addresses and fans on their Facebook pages, but had little success in driving in business or realizing revenues on any of their various offers. Code Brew was referred to Textmunication and quickly became fascinated with mobile text marketing. They turned text message alerts into a pro-active way to deliver offers and invites to their customers. It was clear to Code Brew that text messaging provided them with a higher read rate since there was no need for their customers to be in front of their computers to receive emails, nor did they need access to the web to receive offers.

Call to Action:

Code Brew encouraged customers to join their mobile coffee club to receive alerts on exclusive offers, invites, and event information. For joining, new subscribers would receive their first coffee free of charge.


Code Brew deployed a launch kit designed by the Textmunication design team that consisted of: table tents, POP (Point of Purchase) collateral, posters, and capture cards; all of which promoted the program and encouraged people to text in. Code Brew applied their keyword and call to action to their magazine print ad to generate leads and also posted their short code and keyword on Facebook and their company website. Code Brew used a different keyword for each medium so they could source the data and measure the effectiveness of each.


Code Brew has established a database of over 1,200 subscribers. Their average redemption rate on coupons and special offers has been between 9%-16% depending on the offer. One campaign reached a redemption rate of 77% when they offered a free coffee for the day.

Code Brew Coffee Shop Code Brew Coffee Shop CODEBREW 87365 September 01, 2009 - Present
Yogurt Pizazz

Yogurt Pizazz Case Study


Company & Location : Yogurt Pizazz in

Common Keyword & Short Code Used : FROYO & PIZAZZ & 87365

Duration : August 2009 - Present


As a new business in the city of Brentwood Yogurt Pizazz wanted to establish a database of customers from opening day. Due to the high development in the Brentwood area Yogurt Pizazz was sure competition would come to the area. After researching different methods of communication & marketing systems like email, direct mail, and social media, Yogurt Pizazz decided on text messaging as a direct and instant way to connect with customers. The main goal was to create a highly effective method for communicating with customers to increase sales and foot traffic, at a price that was cost effective for a new business.

Call to Action:

Yogurt Pizazz encouraged customers to text in to subscribe to their mobile club for special offers, event information, birthday rewards, and new flavor announcements. By doing so, they would be entered into a monthly drawing with a chance to win a free yogurt. Customers who joined could instantly benefit by receiving a double stamp on their Yogurt Pizazz rewards cards as a head start to their free yogurt.


Since Yogurt Pizazz is a two location company, Textmunication and Yogurt Pizazz decided to use two different keywords so that each location could build and maintain their own database. Yogurt Pizazz used a launch kit designed by the Textmunication graphic team that consisted of table tents, VIP punch cards, and POP (pint of purchase) collateral that promoted the program. Yogurt Pizazz also used our web widget service for their online website and encouraged people to join their birthday text club for a chance to win a free yogurt on their birthday. Campaign tactics consisted of: double or triple stamp rewards on customers rewards cards with the purchase of a yogurt during slow times; yogurt purchases on specific weekends would enter them into a drawing to win a digital camera or a weekend in Lake Tahoe; gift card sales around the holidays; free samples of new flavors; and, monthly coupons. Yogurt Pizazz runs between two to four campaigns each month.


Since the start of the program Yogurt Pizazz has established a database of over 2,200 subscribers which amounts to 137 subscribers each month(68 per location). Their average redemption rate has varied and ranges between 9%, and as high as 37%, depending on the campaign.

Yogurt Pizazz Yogurt Pizazz FROYO & PIZAZZ 87365 August 01, 2009 - Present