There is a big shift that is happening right now in the A2P market in regards to shared short codes, 10DLCs and how messages will be sent and received. The main three key takeaways are one, short shared codes are no longer going to be a service major wireless carriers will provision in the US and Canada. Two, all major carriers will start to offer their 10DLC services in 2021 and onward. Three, if you plan to use a 10DLC on A2P software you have to register your business. 


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Those are essentially the core of the changes that you should be aware of, but we would like to break down the concepts in a little more depth so you can really wrap your mind on the details of this industry change.


What is 10DLC?


10DLC, stands for 10-digit long code. 10DLC are synonymous to the number you probably have associated with your iPhone, android or cell phone right now. A 10DLC number is a 10-digit number that commercial entities can use to send high or low volume text (SMS) message marketing campaigns using A2P messaging software (SAM is our A2P messaging software).


Why 10DLC moving forward?


10DLC messaging technology is an advancement in messaging solutions because it gives you the SMS long-code at a reasonable price with the speed that a shared or dedicated short code would give you with A2P products. Here are some other reasons why the aggregators and major wireless carriers are also advancing the policy:


  • Improve deliverability because 10DLC allows for higher message throughout
  • Enhances consumer trust because it is a number your consumers already recognize
  • Makes existing landline conversion more seamless
  • More clear campaign tracking since it is not being shared with other businesses
  • Since it is a 100digit number, it is voice-enabled and can either be texted or called
  • Cost saving because they are cheaper than short codes


SMS throughput is the measure of the transaction speed of a data transfer essentially between an A2P and cell phone.


How does 10DLC work and what do you need to do?


It is plug and play. Once you sign your business up with a text message marketing software provider you should be prompted at the provisioning phase to declare your 10DLC. We are currently working on deploying a self service 10DLC sign up process that will allow you to do the following:


  • Search for and purchase multiple 10DLC numbers
  • Migrate your existing long codes
  • Register brand, campaign and use-case information
  • File a campaign brief with the US carriers that ask for it
  • Obtain a trust score to increase throughput of your campaigns
  • View status of campaigns and which 10DLCs are assigned to them
  • View a summary of your owned 10DLCs (and all other originators)

Source: OpenMarket


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