Benefits of SMS/MMS for political campaign


High open rates: SMS/MMS messages have a high open rate, meaning that they are more likely to be seen by voters than other forms of communication, such as email or direct mail.

Personalized messages: SMS/MMS messages can be personalized to reach voters on a more individual level. This can help candidates build relationships with voters and create a more positive impression.

Quick and easy: SMS/MMS messages are quick and easy to send and receive, which makes them ideal for communicating with voters on the go.

Cost-effective: SMS/MMS is a cost-effective way to reach a large number of voters. This can be especially beneficial for candidates with limited budgets.

Ideas on how to include text messaging in your strategy

Campaign fundraising

Get out the vote

Candidate engagement

Campaign engagement

Volunteer outreach

Volunteer management

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Use cases for SMS/MMS in political campaigns

SMS/MMS can be used for a variety of purposes in political campaigns, including:


Get out the vote: SMS/MMS can be used to remind voters to vote and to provide them with information about polling places and times.

Fundraising: SMS/MMS can be used to ask for donations from voters.

·Advertising: SMS/MMS can be used to promote a candidate’s message and to share information about their campaign.

 Polling: SMS/MMS can be used to poll voters about their opinions on various issues.

·Surveying: SMS/MMS can be used to survey voters about their satisfaction with a candidate or their campaign.

·Building relationships: SMS/MMS can be used to build relationships with voters by sharing news and information that is relevant to them.

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