What Are We Offering?

Shared/multiple logins – one system can enable multiple dispatchers to communicate with drivers and delivery folks all from the same convenient space.

Shortened, trackable URLs – text out delivery updates to customers or staff with our trackable URLs. We’ll shorten the web address to fit in a text message and unlock the power of data allowing you to segment your list based on who has opened and viewed the page.

Segment contacts – managing and scheduling shifts is easy with the ability to segment your workers into groups. Send out relevant coverage needs and schedules as soon as they’re generated.

Text alerts – one single system can proactively send alerts, updates, and notifications to staff and customers based on their preset communication preferences. This can be a great tool for weather notifications, training tips, and more.

Scheduling – stay ahead of your needs and schedule text messages to go out at any future date or time.

Ideas on how to include text messaging in your strategy

Delivery Updates

Send Shift Schedule or Make Changes

Training Tips

Weather Delays

Billing Reminders

Manage Supply Chains

Provide Quotes

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Learn how to develop a text message marketing strategy for your industry

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