Retails Stores

Retail Stores

It’s 4:30pm on the day of Jack’s son’s birthday, when Jack remembers that he did not pick up a present. He needs to be home in an hour and doesn’t know what to get or where to shop. Luckily, he got a text from your company that day, informing him of a sale you have going on. Jack remembers shopping at your store and is reminded of what great products you offer and the superior customer service he receives. He texts back with an order, comes in and picks it up. He arrives home to a happy wife and an excited child. This is just one example of the potential of Textmunication.

In an ever-changing economy, customer loyalty is an essential key to consistent growth. Customer loyalty is best maintained when you have the ability to keep your brand in the forefront of your customers’ minds. Textmunication can do that for you. Inform customers of upcoming sales or clearances to enhance brand awareness. Send customers coupons to ensure they will keep coming, even during a down economy. Allow customers to instantly and conveniently order products via text message.

Textmunication allows you to build a relationship with your customers that will not only keep returning customers, but attract more. The bottom line is that mobile marketing is a proven tool and is predicted to increase more than online marketing. Take the opportunity to get one step ahead in your industry with Textmunication.

  • Use instant coupons to drive customers back in during slow times.
  • Send alerts for sales, in-store events, inventory clearances, etc.
  • Keep your brand at the top of your customer’s minds with friendly reminders.
  • Drive customers to your website with effective and efficient hyperlinks.
  • Increase convenience by implementing mobile ordering directly from their phone.
  • Leverage other forms of marketing & track marketing campaigns.
  • Create top of the mind brand awareness and increase customer loyalty with informative text campaigns to complement your advertising.