Gamified Text Marketing Boosts Engagement & Sales

Add a spin the wheel, mobile scratcher and trivia campaign to add some spice to your campaign outreach and create memorable experiences.

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Text marketing meets mega million playslip

Just like the mega million playslip, scratching and winning is now in digital format. Customize the scratch card experience to your liking and create offers that are memorable.
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Text marketing meets wheel of fortune

Create your own wheel of fortune for your contestants that is filled with cash, discounts, free shipping and other rewarding prizes.

Test their knowledge with text message trivia

See how well your audience knows their stuff and if they answer correctly, offer them fun prizes and steps on how to easily claim in just a few clicks.
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The perfect recipe for boosted engagement

Share some luck and send customized spin the wheel campaigns to entice your audience to participate and create
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Fun and interactive

Capture attention and spark joy

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Customizable and engaging

Tailored the experiences and make it yours


Actionable insights

Drive Decisions and eliminate confusion

Say Goodbye to Data Silos

Unify customer information for unmatchable target ability and outreach with some of your favorite applications you already use.
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Join thousands of other text marketers using Textmunication now!

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