When done correctly, SMS and MMS Marketing blooms most fruits because of the proven 98% open rate. But you should understand your buyer’s journey to send them the right messages at the right time. Only then can you lead them down in the marketing funnel. The audience in your SMS database, otherwise, tends to get distracted if bombarded with relentless promotional messages.

Let’s discuss what your strategy should be with text marketing when you want to move the users from the awareness stage to consideration.

Shifting Users from Awareness to the Consideration Stage Through SMS and MMS Marketing

ToFu, the awareness stage or top of the funnel, is when users are slightly aware of your brand. They’ve a problem and pain points to be solved in the proximity of this problem statement. At this stage, you users are looking for a company that caters to most or all of their issues.

To summarize, they have just heard about you. So, you use content that informs them about potential solutions in educational ways instead of overwhelming them with offers or free trials.

Now you want users to move ahead and consider your product. This is MoFu or consideration stage—middle of the funnel marketing. Since your users have already opted in (qualified leads) to receive your communications, your aim should be:

  • To show them your potential,
  • To reduce their doubts and reservations,
  • To make them inquisitive and willing to buy from you.

Some proven ways you can use mobile marketing with SMS and MMS to veer them toward your product in the crowd are:

  1. Social Proofs 
    Your prospects are swamped with options right now. There is no better way to convince them than to show people’s trust in your proposition. Share links to video reviews from existing users and influencers. Commission for online surveys and studies, and circulate the results with your prospects. Testimonials from and case studies of your clients are impactful in this stage.You can embed images of reviews and awards in MMS. Sharing short video clips of people’s opinions is also a great way. Divert your users to the links of:
    • Testimonials,
    • Social media reviews,
    • Influencers’ videos,
    • Media coverage, awards, and news,
    • Users’ survey results.
  2. Comparison Guides 
    Study the market and your peers. Create comparison charts and guides. Don’t criticize your competitors but highlight your product’s best aspects. More than features focus on the benefits. People are moved by benefits because this’s where you’re talking about solving their problems and not boasting about your brand.User guides and FAQs help leads know your product’s technical specs better. Offer them whitepapers to learn the solution’s pros and cons. Video tutorials of how and what you solve help users move ahead by narrowing their choices, too. The consideration stage is still the phase where you must not miff users with extremely salesy content. Use SMS and MMS Marketing to share links of:
    • Comparison charts and guides,
    • Technical guides and video tutorials,
    • FAQs and videos featuring product benefits,
    • Podcasts and webinars,
    • Cost calculator.
  3.  Create Urgency and Exclusivity
    Creating urgency doesn’t mean rushing users to buy the product or frequently offering coupons, or sharing your pricing page’s URL in SMS. It means creating trust about how exclusive your product is. And what they would miss—in subtle and not salesy ways—by not buying from you.You can show them the repercussions of not solving their problem timely by using your product; consequences such as flaky results and glitches, poor customer services, or regretted pricing plan. However, never criticize your peers. You can also create a sense of urgency by explaining the scarcity of good options in the market—and why you’re a good option. Reflect your product’s exclusivity by highlighting its unique features.

    If you’re running a deal, nudge them lightly by hinting at what they’re about to lose. Flash sales update helps at this stage due to the limited period and the urgent vibes. However, this’s a tricky path, and you must tread carefully without being pushy. So, limit your messages related to discounts and sale season.

    At the consideration stage, your users might sway from yay to nay quickly if you overwhelm them. Another good idea is to reveal the benefits of loyalty programs if you have one. And who doesn’t want to feel privileged? Referral codes for family and friends also move users from awareness to the consideration stage.

    Use mobile marketing with SMS and MMS to share:

    • Videos of USPs
    • Latest features not available in the market,
    • Number of users converted,
    • Number of products sold,
    • Flash sales with urgency,
    • Loyalty programs and referral benefits
    • Latest upgrades or products being launched soon.

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Moving a lead from ToFu toward MoFu needs a lot of lead nurturing. Your users might have your brand at the top of their minds during the awareness stage. But only your sharp text marketing strategy can shift them down the funnel instead of losing them.

If you’re still considering SMS to include in your marketing program, now is the right time. Or if you’ve had thin success with it yet, Textmunication is the best SMS and MMS Marketing software partner to be with. You can try our ROI calculator and reach out to us for a bespoke text marketing solution right away.


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