Your success with niche marketing is only as good as your partner—the one who provides you the services. SMS, an old but powerful channel, works wonders when your vendor isn’t only experienced and an expert. Although the software market has ample brands offering their expertise, this post shares some checkboxes to tick before you shake hands with one.
And these are exactly the reasons the Textmunication team is proud to call itself one of the best SMS marketing software brands in the industry. Allow us a few moments of glory to walk you through the benefits businesses can reap with Textmunication’s tool for mobile marketing with SMS and MMS.

Why Should You Use Textmunication for SMS Marketing?

  1. Integration
    When you shake hands with Textmunication, your worries about integration narrow down to zilch.

    Now text all your users seamlessly with Textmunication’s SAM by pulling your existing CRM records. Almost all the marketing platforms are compatible with SAM.

    The harmony between our software and your branding guidelines allows you to render your fonts and color preferences on the tool. With SAM being the plug-and-play software, you’re ready to operate from the go. You also get complete documentation and assurance of 99.99% uptime.

    Because SAM is cloud-based, scaling is easy, and you pay as you go, allowing you to save expenses.

  2. Customization
    Whether you’re scaling up your business and number of users every quarter or an already established name in your industry, we distinguish none. And yet we understand the difference well. So, we offer customizations based on your needs.

    You might wish to start small on budget and fewer messages for a handful of trusted users. Or you wish to go full throttle with bulk SMSing to all your prospects and user with a database of millions of names. We have solutions for all.

  3. White Label Solution
    If you’re an agency or a marketing firm and want to partner with us to support your clients’ SMS marketing endeavors, our white label API is a great investment for you. Our tool is yours, working under your logo and other branding features, and your client won’t even notice it.

    Make the best use of our secured tool—Smart Automated Messaging (SAM)—and provide all the benefits just as your own making. Read more about our white label SMS marketing solution here.

  4. Wow Features
    Some distinguishing features that set us apart from our peers in the industry are:


    SAMtel is Textmunication’s patent-pending solution where SAM would answer your users. It’s different from a regular bot because you can reply to a vast range of questions. Now send links for orders, stores’ timing, delivery status, and complex updates. This helps with automated messaging—a greatly appreciated feature for drip marketing.


    Gamification isn’t a stale buzzword. On the contrary, it’s garnering its deserved hype every year. And Scratcher is our attempt to gamify and elevate the SMS marketing fun. With Scratcher, your users feel like winning a prize, such as meals, trips, gifts, etc., by sending you a keyword.

    Spinning Wheel

    Never stop the fun for your users because SMS has characters limitation. Let your customers spin a wheel and allow them to win prizes and deals. Such a spinning wheel can serve so well with raffles, events, and contests.
  5. Support for Best Practices
    Marketing becomes shady when best practices aren’t taken care of. But you don’t need to worry about lurking in that zone. SAM offers almost all these guidelines stitched at the backend, so you’re never a spamming nuisance. If something is not code-possible, we help our clients acquaint themselves with these rules.

    Our software takes care of privacy policies like HIPPA, GDPR, and others regulated by governing bodies and regional policymakers.

    We ensure to tune your customer database when a user chooses to double-opting. SAM allows your users to opt in for promotions and to append messages with opt-out codes. Compliance policies abiding by various mobile carriers’ guidelines are also etched in SAM’s code.

  6. Campaign History
    Check the history of your campaigns and analyze the performance against the old data because we record every movement in your SMS communication. Not just history, preview a campaign before publishing it and avoid glitches that might occur.

    This feature allows you to control the present and future of your text marketing plans.

  7. KPIs
    Just churning campaign after campaign isn’t worth it if you can’t measure your success, right? That’s where a reporting dashboard comes in handy. And no, you don’t need analytics experts. You can keep a watch on and share important KPIs helpful to gather insights into your business and make informed decisions.

    All major stats like total campaigns launched, the number of users approached, read rates, messages sent, etc., are at your fingertips now. Track opted-in and opted-out users to gauge the impact of your promotions.

    You can exploit these figures to fine-tune your business tactics and tweak your campaigns as you progress with your text marketing strategy.

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What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re planning to launch SMS marketing in your business, this is a glorious time. With the festive season around, you can scale up and invite your prospects to try your products and services. For more details, you can contact Textmunication’s sales team here.


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