Books are yesteryears; OTT is the now of entertainment. Just as this statement is a myth and people still love books in all formats, SMS marketing isn’t obsolete. If anything, this channel will survive and thrive as long as your audience uses phones. Because this medium only allows jet planes to travel from businesses to users. It’s the fastest route to engaged consumers. That too, without expensive tickets.

Why SMS Marketing Still Rocks?

1. Because It’s Useful to the Core

Your users don’t need to switch to an app that lives on the internet and swipe through screens over screens. Just send them a coupon code for your latest offer and a URL to the products, and watch your sales shoot up. Engagement at your fingertips!

Send OTPs for secure payments, SMS for 2-way authentication, password resetting, and other security-related tasks. Make your users feel safe from online fraud.

Shipping and Dispatch
Update your audience with the transaction details, dispatch changes and progress, live tracking URLs for the shipped products, and canceled product pickup schedule. Help them know every little advancement on their purchase.

Introducing a new product? Relaunching a dormant service? Replenishing the out-of-stock products? Text marketing is the best route to reach your customers fast and easy. Pop up in their inboxes during the sale seasons with just 2 lines, and stop annoying them with spammy emails.

Share event updates and booking details. Remind your customers about their upcoming meetings and payment schedules. Aid your user be on their toes and win their to-do lists.
And last we checked, SMS is the swiftest recipe to a customer’s heart. So, as long as people shop, attend events, take bookings, and worry about secured online transactions, SMS marketing will remain.

2. Because It’s Device, OS, and Service Provider Agnostic

We’re living in a period of smartphones. But what is still alive from the last millennium? Calls and SMSes. We don’t recommend calling your users to promote your offerings for privacy reasons. But SMS is still a great channel. More so because they don’t differentiate between device build and hardware. Whether someone still uses a keypad-based handset with just the basic features or a high-tech smartphone, SMS works just the same way.

OS and Service Providers
If your users are Apple fans or stick to the Android phone, your mobile marketing with SMS stays the same. Likewise, SMS technology doesn’t really depend on the service providers.
So even if your users are using just the basic phone without the ubiquitous camera and blasting speakers, your plans with SMS Marketing to make profits won’t go into dumpsters. Also, we assume any new era of a handset—like the smartphone days—and the new operating system won’t let go of SMS for its simplicity to service providers and security to payment gateways. Remember, we still get most of our one-time passwords through SMS.

3. Because SMS Adapts Fast

Better engagement
Dig in marketing with SMS promotions because facts don’t lie.
With 56% of scheduling tasks and 54% of customer support, SMS is the best route to handling appointments, event management, and engagement. What else can make your user engagement this easy if not text?
You can read more facts about SMS marketing here. And if we’ve already convinced you enough, choose one of the best SMS marketing software, Textmunication, today.

SMS technology can be easily integrated with your CRM system. You can use API for an enhanced experience. With white-label software, you get all the best features in your pocket without a heavy investment.

Gifs, links, videos
RCS is the next stage of evolution in text messaging, a level above MMS and SMS. With the capacity to share rich multimedia formats like GIFs, good-quality pictures, videos, and audio messages, SMS marketing lends businesses more power with user engagement.

As we said earlier, what still lives from the Nokia age are calls and SMSes. Although businesses calling their users nowadays is so not suitable for privacy reasons, SMS never intrudes into a user’s personal time. They just pop into the inbox without an immediate demand or attention. Users don’t need anything extra when they upgrade their devices to follow the latest gadget trends. And their privacy isn’t compromised, as well.

Personalization is a mandatory need for marketing. But fret not if you think the limited space in SMS stops you from personalization. As mentioned earlier, RCS does a great job with beautiful SMSes. And personalization can be easily achieved by keeping a tab on users’ recent activities on the web and on your social media.

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Love it or Not, You Can’t Ignore SMS Marketing

Whether or not you maintain texting in your marketing arsenal, mobile marketing with SMS and MMS won’t go anywhere as long as we have that tiny bubble icon on our phones. And it being one of the cheapest ways to communicate as a part of a service provider’s package, users won’t stop using texting. And hence, SMS marketing is here to stay for a long time.
If you use mobile marketing with SMS and MMS, automate the messages as much as possible in unique ways to serve better. With each keyword in your SMS Marketing tool, have a tried-and-tested reply set. If you’re still in a lurch to select one from so many best SMS Marketing software available, don’t think twice. Choose Textmunication.

If you need assistance in setting up a text marketing strategy, Textmunication is here to help. Download our guide to start with SMS marketing today, and let’s know how we can help you.


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