SMS/MMS Marketing and Communication Automation never fades. Whether you’re marketing in a digitally advanced country or a region with an inclination to old-school approaches, SMS is always available on your users’ mobiles. But the market is not short of service partners for SMS promotions. What would you do then?

If you’re still wondering which vendor to select for your SMS/MMS Marketing and Communication Automation endeavors, you just need to scroll through the list of benefits you get with us. Look at the 10 best features we offer with our SMS/MMS Marketing and Communication Automation tool. And you can even calculate your ROI with Textmunication before you jump in.

What are you waiting for? Dig into the wonders of SMS promotions. But before that, scan these benefits of Textmunication’s SAM (Smart Automated Messaging).

Why Should You Use Textmunication for SMS/MMS Marketing and Communication Automation?

1. Integration
Textmunication offers an API for SAM which you can integrate with your marketing software for enhanced text-based marketing. You get a surety of 99.99% uptime with our tested and reliable API, widely popular in various industries.
With comprehensive documentation and support from our experts, you can simply plug and play the API for your SMS/MMS Marketing and Communication Automation. And with the affordable pricing with the pay-as-you-go model, our API is the best deal you might seek today.

2. Subscribers’ Database Growth
Collect new audience by texting your users to ask for referrals. New users invited this way are more loyal and genuine than most other methods.
Scratcher is another way to hook your users who love gamification. With your opt-in promotions, send new prospects magnificent offers for food, trips, and merchandise behind a digital scratcher. This renders an experience similar to winning a lottery.

3. SAMtel 
A patent-pending solution where Textmunication’s SAM answers for you. No, this isn’t like any regular bot. Using this advanced feature, you can answer a wider range of queries for your customers. Sending links for orders, store hours, delivery updates, and even more complex situations are some features of SAMtel.

4. Campaign Features
Textmunication’s SAM allows you to peek into the history of your campaigns. You can analyze the performance with reports against the historical facts with every data recorded.
Not just history, you can also preview the campaign programs you’re planning to publish soon. This can save you from minor glitches and embarrassment after the promotions.
With a special digital wheel of fortune, your customers can spin the wheel of offers and land prizes and deals. This option is great for inviting your users to take part in raffles, contests, and live events. And this gamification is so much fun for users. 

5. Attention and Personalization 
Whether you sent an SMS to many users or one, you can still reply to an individual user in response to their revert.
Now, you can personalize your SMSes for your users using rich messaging. Your texts aren’t limited to verbose uninteresting words. Send 2.5x the length of a normal text. Yes, 400 characters! You can also include images and links, videos, and much more. With branding, you can lend your company’s touch to your SMSes, making them more authentic.
With the Trivia feature, you can poll and quiz your users, allowing them to send their feedback quickly with just a few taps.

6. KPIs
Measure your campaign’s success with matrices offered in SAM. Our customizable dashboard and reports are a great way to gauge your SMS/MMS Marketing and Communication Automation’s effectiveness. Now you can easily know who has opted in or out.

7. Security 
Textmunication believes strongly in the security and confidentiality of the data. SAM follows all the data regulation policies that govern data exchange and security in your region. Now, not just your customers’ data, but also your confidential information is in safe hands.
Check our privacy policy in detail to rest your dilemmas.

8. Customer Service
SAM helps you immediately fix all your customers’ concerns around the clock. This is possible with our unique AI-based smart responses with SMSchat. So, you don’t need to worry about enraged customers because of response delays.
You can send automated responses using SAM to not keep your users waiting. These automatic answers are also customizable. Isn’t this a great thing to keep the communication going?

9. Keywords and Short Codes
522-36. That’s the golden shortcode we offer. You can use our shortcode for your promotions. Now replace your 10-digit long code and make the communication easy for your users and campaign managers.
Likewise, according to your plan, you can select your keyword to facilitate opt-ins for new users, which is a recommendation for practicing permissioned marketing.

10. White Label API and Partnership
We offer a fully supported white label API for partnership with vendors keen to deploy a fully functional SMS/MMS Marketing and Communication Automation tool. You can now become a direct seller of a holistic text-based marketing solution. This helps you to harmonize it with your other brand products or services. So, all our features are now your benefits.

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