SMS marketing isn’t easy, just like any other marketing channel. But you can make it worth your time and effort by partnering with the right texting software. If you’re not conversant with this lesser-explored marketing technique, and the time crunch is perpetual, you need ChatGPT—the most popular AI tool in the market right now.

With the simplicity it offers research solutions in the chat format, you can do so much for your marketing plans. Here’s how you can mix SMS and MMS Marketing with ChatGPT.


5 Ways to Use ChatGPT for SMS Marketing

  1. Marketing Strategy

    If you’re new to SMS marketing, ask the AI to define a strategy for you. Feeding a scenario about your business and what you need to implement are the keys. In a chat-based system, the better you feed, the smarter the answers are.

    For instance, we asked the tool to provide a strategy to seek references from our existing clients for a gym and fitness studio. And look how smartly it suggested to reach out to engaged clients (#1) and not new users or leads.

    You can also notice from the screenshots how it gives a glimpse of the complete process. So, you get all the steps readymade based on your needs.


  2. Segmentation

    Next, we asked the tool to segment the users for the same scenario.

    Notice how ChatGPT asks you to divide your users based on their engagement rate. Certainly, your most engaged users will likely refer your services to their network.

    Based on the buying journey or funnel level of users, query your subscriber database and determine the active members. In this case, you can even combine lapsed memberships who had engaged earlier on stretch with your services. They might also recommend your brand to people around.


    Based on your members’ preferences, you can send several SMSes. For instance, the chances of a person engaged in yoga recommending your Yoga packages are higher than them referring HIIT services. People engaged in Cardio would suggest the same. Look at the example below.


    Options are numerous for segmentation. All you need is to build a subscriber database and send personalized messages based on this bifurcation.

  3. Personalization

    At Textmunication, more than any tactics, we stress personalizing your SMS and MMS marketing. Customizing your SMS leads to higher engagement rates.

    Rather than asking for customized SMS for a particular scenario, we suggest asking for tips. Here is what ChatGPT says for the use case we’re studying today.


    If you notice, these are very generic messages and tips. Sometimes, the AI might not predict your question in relation to the previous prompts. So, we again described our use case (AI limitation alert!). And look at what we got:


    The 2nd point in this elaborated question is bull’s-eye. It has shared close to what Textmunication usually offer to its clients. However, we can tweak a little for improvement and suit it based on your thoughts and innovative ideas.

    Pro tip: Remember, AI has its boundaries, and you need to overcome those. Providing a well-defined use case is one of them.

    We really liked the below ideas too, especially #6 because it has a deadline and exact discount that grab attention quickly:


    Learn more about personalization strategies for better engagement.

  4. A/B Testing

    Once you have a well-defined use case and segmentation, you can divide your users into 2 categories. Shoot the same message with tiny differences and gauge the responses from both groups.

    Here are some ideas to play around with A/B testing scenarios. And ChatGPT won our hearts here.


  5. Surveys and Feedback

    Seeking your users’ opinions is equally important as introducing services and sharing coupons. When we asked ChatGPT how to survey the loyal users of the gym, this is what we got:


    A round of applause for ChatGPT that it suggested finding the scope of your survey in #1. Since SMS has a small content space—a blessing for a short attention span—we always ask our clients to focus on just 1 topic while surveying directly through SMS.

    You can share the link to a longer form for broader feedback, though.

    Once you identify your scope, you can ask the tool to generate sample questions.


    These 10 sample questions are spot on for our use case. Option #3, #6, and #9 can do wonders for your business. They wrap a feedback question that helps you identify a user’s referring probability.

    Affordable Pricing3 1

    Do You Still Need SMS Marketing Software?

    Integrating ChatGPT with SMS marketing reduces time and effort. To some extent, brainstorming, too. But you can’t replace text marketing software with AI.

    In fact, ChatGPT can complement your marketing tools as a plugin. However, automating sending texts, building on the subscriber database, and reporting numbers are equally important aspects that Textmunication can take care of for you. So, if you want to invest in one tool in 2024, it should be an SMS and MMS marketing tool.

    Reach out to our textperts today for a free demo.


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