Traditional SMS marketing, though very effective with a 98% read rate, is limiting in nature with the restriction of 160 characters. And no visual feast for the eyes of your customers and prospects. Enters MMS marketing.

MMS marketing or multimedia messaging services marketing allows longer texts with 1600 characters. Moreover, you can embed multimedia files. MMS is also popularly known as picture messaging.

Let’s see the prospects and advantages of MMS marketing over text marketing.

Why Use MMS in Your Marketing Strategy

  1. Engagement

    Anything that needs to be read on a small screen, even if short, might sound boring to your users. With images and infographics, audio clips and videos, and even GIFs, an MMS makes more impact on all generations with its visual appeal. Who doesn’t like colors and designs, after all?

    And a picture is worth 1000 words or even more when it’s a high-resolution image. Animated GIFs attract people from all age groups and demographics. That’s why the MMS engagement rate is higher as compared to SMS.

    You can’t engage as many people with text as you can with an image if you invite them to an event. Send images of the venue and share the event’s agenda in an animated GIF. Ask them to send their responses with yay (yes) or nay (no). Share a unique code with a reward for each attendee.

  2. Customer Experience

    Imagine promoting a new product with a small text. Without a demo video or image of the product, your audience can’t even imagine the look and feel of your newly launched product. But a small 20 seconds video clip can do wonders. Or even an infographic with its benefits can attract more users.

    This is the benefit of using MMS marketing in your promotional agenda. SMS and MMS marketing are known to have the highest read and response rate. With a personal communication channel like mobile, your campaigns don’t lose attention as much as they do on social media platforms.

    You remain on your users’ minds longer with the visual appeal your MMS creates. Your audience remembers you for the creativity you share with them. With immense gamification possibilities like scratch cards, sweepstakes, and feedback forms, you can create a long-lasting customer experience.

  3. Better Communication

    SMS might restrict you from conveying your ideas holistically. Or limited words might distort the meaning of your message. With longer MMS that convey your agenda and ideas accompanied by an image or video, you can communicate better with your users.

    An MMS allows you to share jpeg, jpg, png, and GIF file types for images and animation. For audio and video, you can share MP3, MP4, and VFC files. You can even attach a PDF for lengthy descriptions.

    Imagine a real estate agent planning to communicate the details of a house with the prospects. Of course, they can’t miss the PDF option to share the layout and pricing plans. The agent can also share a video tour of a sample house to attract prospective clients. With a 360-degree view of a house, converting a prospect to a user isn’t a big challenge.

    And not to forget the enhanced personalization you can do with MMS’s 1600 characters.

  4. Increased Conversion

    Marketing with MMS is proven to have a good redemption rate compared to traditional print and direct email marketing channels. If you target the right audience carefully and offer them compelling incentives and hook them with an apt CTA, you can win several users fast.

    Coupon codes, loyalty programs, and limited-period offers can do wonders when sent as GIFs and 10-second clippings instead of plain text. For instance, a gym annual membership renewal can offer free protein supplements for a month in an image, giving deeper details about the brand and quantity. Unfortunately, this same information can’t fit in just 160 characters.

    You can cross-promote your products after tying up with another brand. For instance, shake hands with a nearby confectionary shop and offer a free cake to celebrate a user’s new vehicle booking in a fun animated GIF. Using images and GIFs, you can help promote a local brand with yours and spread words about you and create goodwill.

    Send booking information for your event via an MMS with the CTA link and see your bookings soaring high.

  5. Affordable with Good RoI

    Although MMS costs higher than SMS, marketing with multimedia messaging services is still more affordable than email marketing, traditional print advertising, and social media promotions. And your RoI is far better due to the high open rate of 98% and 60% read rate within 5 minutes.

    With Textmunication, you can get a customized plan based on your need and target country. Know the pricing of our MMS marketing tool here.

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Launch Your MMS-based Campaigns Today

If you partner with industry leaders like Textmunication, you don’t need to worry about the pricing and file size you share. We offer customized plans for all the major countries. Our textperts and the team of product developers have designed the software in such a way that your files get compressed without distortion to abide by the size limit.

Several more advantages are available in the MMS marketing software package we offer. Reach out to our team today and know your benefits with MMS and SMS marketing.


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