Melinda partnered with a text marketing giant 6 months back and still couldn’t see any major impact on her return on investment. She aggressively grew her subscriber list and marketed her expanding jewelry business. What she didn’t know was how to connect with her audience at a personal level. Nor did the vendor discuss such a strategy.

But when you partner with Textmunication, we reveal all the secrets of SMS marketing and communication. So, today, we discuss how to personalize SMS and MMS marketing interactions.

Why Personalize SMS and MMS?

Personalizing SMS and MMS for users automatically increases the chances of higher customer engagement and better conversion rates. Segmentation, necessary for tailor-made texts, leads to designing targeted messages that please customers by making them feel cared for.

For instance, you bifurcate your conversations based on your users’ purchasing journeys. Your loyal users get premium stuff and bigger deals, while new members get tiny onboarding benefits to kickstart their buying cycle. Your churned customers get their grievances redressed while prospects get to know your brand better.

Personalization also connects you with users at a personal level, and you learn minute issues they face and undiscovered benefits they enjoy. That’s what Melinda implemented after she partnered with Textmunication’s SAM.

So, we’re talking about some strategies to personalize your SMS marketing to skyrocket your ROI.

Strategies to Amplify Your ROI with Personalized Messaging

  1. Right Opportunities at the Right Moment
    Send Booking Reminders and Cancelation Updates

    Send reminders of an appointment a few hours or (and) a day before the schedule to help users plan their time well. This helps you remain at the top of your audience’s mind.

    Sending canceled appointment updates is a kind gesture, too. And for all these updates to stand right, your segmentation must be spot on.

    Remind Abandoned Carts

    Some users might forget products in the cart, while others might be on the fence about paying. Something could interrupt them while ordering, or the payment gateway failed. Despite several reasons, you should nudge users about the abandoned cart and increase sales as Melinda did.

    Remind Events

    To keep your users updated about your industry’s happenings, keep them in the loop about your public events, webinars, and achievements. For this, you should ask their preferences (optional for them) when they onboard your brand. Or with the help of a survey during their buying journey, which we discuss later in this post.

    Send personalized messages to those participants who showed interest in similar events in the past. Such personalized updates created curiosity for Melinda’s clients and helped fulfill their learning requirements.

    Share Special Discounts

    Birthdays or wedding anniversaries. Or yearly membership completion date. Personalized messaging on special occasions with vouchers can increase your brand value.

  2. Customer Relationship Growth Based on the Buying Journey
    Welcome Messages for New Users

    Send a welcome SMS to new members and appreciate their time and consideration. If you guide them through your app, product, or brand values, even better. The cherry on the cake would be to offer them a small token of gratitude and hit the bull’s-eye at the start of a new relationship.

    Premium Stuff for Loyal Customers

    As you start tracking your users’ buying stages and purchasing history, mark all your loyal users in your SMS subscriber database. Send them vouchers especially designed to honor their loyalty.

    You can also set milestones based on their purchasing frequency or the amount spent. A point system encourages users to achieve a goal and utilize that system to their benefit. Special rewards like “buy one and get one free” worked well for Melinda.

    Knowledge Nuggets for Prospects

    Your prospects are those who are still weighing their options. At this stage, they need to decide based on their benefits.

    Melinda shares with her prospects fortnightly, often weekly in festive seasons, how they can make them stand out with her new jewelry collection. This has brought several new buyers to her online store.

    Apology Offers to Churned Customers

    Learn and know why customers jump brands. Analyze users’ social media posts and reviews elsewhere. Use those inputs to your benefit and offer the churned customers something lucrative to invite them back.

    Even news updates about your brand’s success can help.

  3. Feedback at the Milestones
    Net Promoter Score

    Seek your users’ thoughts about how they’d rate your brand on the NPS scale of 1 to 10. One question is sufficient to learn this. You can send this survey directly via SMS.

    Asking a follow-up “why” question worked wonders for Melinda’s business.

    Product Survey

    After a few weeks of their purchase, you can share a 5-question survey link to your users on SMS and learn about their experiences with your product.

    You can share questions on SMS directly if you’re going to ask fewer number (1-2) of questions.

    Brand Survey

    Learn from your loyal customers how they feel about your brand. Long-time users might know your company well and can suggest a few ideas about what they look forward to in your offerings.

    Event Survey

    Have you conducted a webinar or product showcase event recently? Then, bank on this opportunity and seek your users’ opinions about the same within a week (or fortnight if you don’t want to sound intrusive) over an SMS.

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Ready to Fire Up Your ROI with Text Marketing?

These proven strategies remain superficial if your marketing partner doesn’t understand your brand’s needs and audience. Only after choosing the right SMS marketing partner you can clock high revenue sooner than expected.

If you’re also keen to chase that dream ROI, take Melinda’s route. Contact the Textmunication team here and complement your marketing arsenal today with one of the best SMS marketing software.


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