Text messaging offers a powerful tool for recruiting, but its benefits are often undervalued. In this blog, let us discuss the benefits attached with recruiting via text messages.

Ensure quick response

Studies have proven that potential candidates respond more quickly to text messages as compared to emails. People find it more comfortable to text rather than talk or reply to emails. When you send a message to potential employees, you can ensure instant responses. Whether you want to schedule an interview or wish to confirm an employee selection, texting forms the ideal platform.

Extremely popular

Emails, even from recruiters, often go to the spam folder or end up being unread! People tend to check their text messages several times a day. You can relax knowing your recruitment message will be read by potential employees – ensuring swift response rates.

Easy to create

Text messages are extremely easy to create, and people of all age groups are familiar with texting. If you want to contact your potential employees quickly and conveniently, there can be no better option than text messages.

Quick tips to recruit through text messages

If you wish to recruit employees via text messages, let us help you with some of the tips:

Build templates

If you want to often send bulk messages to potential employees, building ready to use texting templates can save a significant amount of your time. For instance, you can create a standard text job description to send to potential candidates.

Keep messages short

Always keep in mind your potential candidates will not like to read long messages. Keep messages short – whether its information regarding interview or promotion.

Ensure professionalism

Even though text message recruiting is casual, still you need to maintain professionalism. Avoid the use of slang or unwanted emojis. First impressions are always important with potential candidates whether you are using email, phone or texting.

Do not text after office hours

Make sure never to send text messages after office hours or during weekends. It will give a negative message that your office either works over time or you do not respect the personal time of your employees.

Knowing how mobile recruiting technology is beneficial can provide an edge over your competitors and hire the best candidates for the job. Textmunication offers customized SMS solutions for the Human Capital Management industry. Contact us for more details.



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