In this intensely competitive market scenario, businesses need to think smartly to lure millennial customers. Do you know millennials account for approximately one-fourth of the U.S. population? Surprised? Well, the figure is actually true. These figures are not just comprised of college students, but adults as well, with jobs and kids. If you are not marketing correctly to target these people, which means, not using texting as a promotional tool, you can lose significant numbers of your customers.

Why do millennials love texting?

It may not come as a surprise that millennial love texting. In fact, some of the studies verify that more than 75 percent of the millennials believe that texting is more comfortable as it permits them to communicate per their schedule. Millennials state texting is less disruptive as compared to voice calls. Let us now consider some of the ways that millennials have accepted as ways for communicating with them. Transversely these communication topics can also be used for starting conversations through text messaging.

Sending coupons and discounts information

An effective millennial text message usage is sending special offers, coupons and discounts information. As text messages are instantly read by the consumers, it is a great method to inform them about the latest offerings of your business, thereby enhancing consumer awareness and increasing sales.

Customer satisfaction survey

To ensure that your customers are satisfied with your products or services, timely custom satisfaction surveys is a must. What can be a better way of sending surveys than SMS for group communicating? You can get instant responses from your customers which can significantly help in improving your products, packaging and even marketing strategies.

Sending reminders

Businesses can conveniently use text messaging as a method to send reminders when the payment is due. Additionally, it can be used to send reminders for renewal of subscription or membership. Moreover, SMS for event planning is the ideal way to remind guests about an upcoming event.

Enhancing security

To gain the loyalty of the customers, you can use text messages to instantly alert customers when there is an activity on their account.

Sending alerts

Texting is a convenient way to alert your customers when a delivery is scheduled or a product is shipped.
Now when you know how you can target millennials using text messaging – why wait? Effectively use the power of texting to enhance customer engagement, increase sales and get leverage over your competitors!


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