There are many benefits of using a mobile engagement platform to communicate with your mobile audience. Here we explore some of those benefits and why they add value.

What Makes SMS Beneficial

Are you thinking about starting an SMS marketing program? We have put together 10 benefits of SMS marketing for your business and why you should get started on a program today if you have not already. Let’s get into a little back end and how our team came into the motivation to share these ideas. We understood that even though SMS is the most used form of communication today with 16 million texts being sent every second on average (Source: Forbes) there is still skepticism surrounding the idea of business to consumer or business to business SMS conversations. In that case, let’s explore some of the reasons that make SMS so beneficial.

1. Flexible Medium
Send to thousands, send to a targeted group or even send to an individual. With an SMS service providers like Textmunication, this solution is designed into your campaign ability. Making it easy and flexible to send messages to a targeted group.

2. Unlimited Market Potential
Millions of people across the globe like to communicate through text messages. Why not tap into this market and enjoy a competitive edge over your competitors? We know you may probably be thinking, how will this give me a competitive edge if everyone has a phone and so many companies are already using an SMS service provider to engage their mobile audience. The proof is in the pudding because your consumers go to your business for your service even though there may be other businesses offering the same exact thing. It’s the same thing with text message providers, there are specific solutions that each text provider offers that make it more suitable for your business.

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3. Short Form Communication Method
With SMS marketing, you get the power to communicate through short messages which are clear and concise. If you send short messages, your targeted customers will more likely read your message. Especially in this era of the uncontrollable volume of marketing messages colliding with us daily, text messages are the perfect snackable content to give your target the right sample.

4. Reliable
SMS engagement is extremely reliable especially if your data integrity is at a high-level accuracy. The more accurately you understand your audience you are targeting, then the more effective your text message campaign will be.

5. Huge Response Rate
Whether you are sending an informative message or promotion text, your potential customers are most likely to respond to your message as compared to other promotional mediums. In the landscape of research surrounding text message, studies have reveals that text message marketing has a response rate of 45% compared to email (Source: MarketingProfs).

6. Always Opened and Read
There is no other medium that comes close to the read rate statistic that you will continuously find text message marketing demonstrate. Text messages have a 95% read rate within 3 minutes (Source: Mobile Marketing Watch).

7. Quick A Compliant Medium
The SMS marketing is truly compliant because of the attribution models nature. Instant opt-in and opt-out options give power to the subscribers, ensuring interest to enrollment comparisons directly proportional. Additionally, if subscribers do not wish to continue receiving the messages, they can easily opt-out of your service just as easily as they opted in.

8. Growing Trend
It is no secret that businesses and consumers tend to gravitate towards trends and the latest pulse. SMS marketing has been such a huge trend since its debut and as the realizations of it as a creative engagement tool become more uncovered. Most simply, you text and I text. So if we text, don’t you think they do as well? It is certainly amongst one of the most popular mediums today, making it a huge opportunity to leverage for all business owners.

9. Environmentally Friendly
Yes, since our team is all about mother earth and sustainability this just had to be added to the list. Not to just fill in space, but truly because we believe in a shift in marketing culture where we start to gravitate away from flyers, brochures and printed content for promoting our businesses. Especially with the number of marketing messages going around all day. We are sure your customers will appreciate your concern towards the environment as well.

10. Quick Delivery
Text messages engagement is instantly delivered within seconds after you send them. This means you can quickly communicate your promotional messages to your target customers. Now for a little trivia, does anyone know how many texts SAM, our mobile engagement platform can send per second? Click here to find the answer).

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