This is a product introduction to SAM, Textmunication’s newly developed cloud-based mobile engagement platform. Smart automated messaging is about creating an engaging experience for your mobile audience that connects them to your brand more deeply.

An Introduction

The next generation of application to mobile engagement is here, offering a carefully crafted user-friendly design that is a testament to the user interface. A system that is designed for daily use, on the go or at your desktop, as quick as reality and as honest as it is engineered.

What Is SAM Asset 1

Why is it different?

So what’s so special about SAM? Fundamentally, mobile engagement platforms allow marketing professionals to engage, report and manage all of their subscriber data from the same place. This makes it easier to understand campaign performance and impact. Although, more or less, those are qualities that all mobile engagement platforms would ideally offer. SAM offers all of those traits but in a super polished fancy.

1. Speed and capacity

SAM can send up to 400-500 SMS per second! That makes engagement instant no matter what the subscriber size is.

2. TCPA compliant platform

Since SMS is a consent-based medium, SAM has inherited platform level compliant elements in its design that reminds the user about data integrity, so your mobile marketing experience is safe and protected.

3. Inbox feature allows for 1-1 communication

SMS (colloquially known as text messaging) campaigns where you send outreach in one direction is over. Now you can have a full dialogue with your subscribers directly from within the application, just as you would on your mobile.

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4. Automate mass targeted outreach

SAM gives you an unmatchable target ability when you are sending to thousands or even millions of subscribers using automated features. Automation features don’t just stop there though. You can also create target drip campaigns so you can format your outreach to arrive at specific and relevant times in a series of messages. Nourishment does not have to stop after one campaign, you can create a model that continues to build on the relationship with your audience.

What is target drip campaigns?

Targeted drip campaigns allow you to send automated messages to subscribers at specific points in your prospect or sales cycle.

5. Sleek User Interface (UI) for easy navigation

The user interface is modeled quick navigation so all components are easy to learn and memorized whether you’re a daily user or a periodic one.

6. Programmable Text (SMS) API

With programmable text message APIs, you can build custom and automated messaging experiences right within your application and have SAM power it all for you.

Want to learn about our SMS API? Learn more here!

7. Easy to get started

The system is an out of the box solution so once you log in, users can instantly add numbers and start sending your first campaign within minutes.

8. Campaign reporting on key metrics

SAM gives you an observation of campaign insights like no other, giving you the ability to visualize your data summaries based on time parameters so you can draw real feedback. For example, non-deliverable numbers are segregated so you can measure accurately and improve the integrity of your mobile database.

What is Smart Automated Messaging?

Automation has improved the efficiencies of almost all manufacturing and communication processes. That is without question. Although automation does not always necessarily mean that it is sophisticated. That is why SAM is smart automation. Smart automation means that engagement is targeted, measurable and adjustable to the system that it is being employed in. Streamlining a text messaging marketing solution into your business model has never been easier. SAM is the mission control center for the text message marketer. SMS is simple and always has been so that means that it always should be so your organization can focus on the areas where human interaction is needed most.

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