Authors: The Textmunication Team | September 29, 2017 | 6 min

With the unusual pattern of natural calamities most recently, it is important to understand how we can come together and help those in need. This blog talks about how text donation have proven to be the most expedited tool for humanitarian support.

Relief efforts are underway for Hurricane Irma to help people deal with its aftermath. Hundreds of organizations, including Red Cross, have started raising funds through text donations to help those affected with the devastating hurricane. Textmunication is making it easier for organizations like Red Cross to receive funds during a crisis – allowing a simple and quick way for spreading important messages to the masses.


Impact of SMS Marketing On Relief Efforts

By sending bulk messages to donors, organizations can raise funds and instantly alert people about the devastation the hurricane has caused promoting immediate call-to-action. Millions of people own mobile phones and use text messages for quick communication. What can be a more effective way to communicate with potential donors than sending text messages?

How American Red Cross Is Using SMS

Through SMS marketing, relief organizations allow people to search for loved ones in the affected area responding to pleas of people who have been impacted due to Hurricane Irma. The effectiveness of text messages has been documented during Hurricane Sandy and Harvey, where 20 percent of the money raised by the Red Cross came from SMS donations.

Textmunication, a prominent SMS marketing company, helps firms like Red Cross with their marketing services. Instead of spamming people with unwanted emails, non-profit organizations can now conveniently send text messages to interested subscribers and inform them about the ongoing relief efforts and how they can contribute. A text message campaign takes a few minutes and can be sent to thousands of subscribers within seconds.


SMS Is Quick, It Only Takes Seconds

There are times when people wish to contribute to relief efforts via donations, but are not aware about the appropriate medium to send donations. Due to busy schedules, thousands of people are not willing to invest significant amounts of time visiting relief centers to donate money. Textmunication is providing the easiest platform for disaster relief effort information and a seamless medium to donate money. Donations can be made in seconds.

With Textmunication and its SMS marketing services, Red Cross and other non-profit organizations can use a simple, effective and affordable marketing medium reaching out to thousands of people across the world.

Want to donate to Red Cross? Text REDCROSS to 90999


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