Authors: The Textmunication Team | October 10, 2017 | 6 Mins

Go through the blog to learn about SMS APIs and the benefits of giving your software a voice.

Communication is an important aspect of a business. The information about the product and service has to be able to reach potential customers timely and precisely. There are already so many communication forms that exists and are used on the day to day by your business that include: email, print and digital ad copy, in-app alerts and voice. These are the common types we encounter everyday and they make reaching out to more customers at once easier. Every business has their style of reaching out to their prospects and customers and with a technological touch, are able to do it in even more seamless ways. There are mediums arising every day and they are changing the way we communicate.


The New Medium

One unique medium we want to distinguish is or are SMS APIs. Mobile usage has made its debut on all streets and avenues, cities and villages at large. Millions of people are using mobile phones to outreach, which is no secret. Reaching millions of people from application to mobile phone is a phenomena that is a bit more new on the horizon. Especially with the grooming of cloud communication software systems in the recent years. Now you may ask, what is a cloud communication software systems. Well, it is exactly what we have. It is a gateway that allows your software and the mobile phones to connect. Simply put, SMS API integrations connect the dots for communication processes or scenarios. It also does it economically, quickly and without latency.

What is API?

API (Application Programming Interface) is an arrangement of program instructions integrating several software components to access a web-based application. API is based on source code and is associated with a software framework. An operating system and the application are stated in the API. A good API will lessen the programming effort of a software developer. In other terms it is also known as a software library.



SMS API is the modern tool that integrates application environments to others. What makes SMS APIs so versatile is that they can be created to either have an application communicate to another on its own or enable the whole experience all together within, to be controlled by a user. The amazing part is with an SMS API you do not sacrifice those notable features of a web based application offer like bulk sms, user verification, deals, notifications, alerts, status updates and more. You are simply given more control on how to execute them if you have software expertise and know how to do so. Which is perfect because that is where we come in. Essentially any type of business to consumer dialogue that would take place has the potential to be created through an SMS API in manual or automated preferences.



Are you interested in knowing about our SMS API? Our SMS API is reliable, user friendly, durable, fast and can connect any application or system.

Main Features of our SMS API:

  1. Converts VCard and VCal
  2. Converts ringtones and logos into the precise format
  3. Supports text, binary SMS, Unicode and flash messages
  4. Set up Message Delay, Delivery Acknowledgement and Sender ID
  5. Send thousands of messages instantly
  6. Debug easily
  7. Supports lengthy messages
  8. Delivery acknowledgement and sender ID
  9. Two-way messaging
  10. Supports two way SMS (send or receive SMS from the enabled users)
  11. SMS performance can be tracked in our Analytics Dashboard
  12. Easily configure the Mobile Originated (MO) SMS
  13. All text messages carry a sender ID. Company name or any name can be set as Sender ID.

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