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The content of this blog is primarily placed around the benefits of SMS services and where the synergy lies by using sms to create automated alerts. We will also discuss why automation empowers the health and fitness vertical and how the various types are beneficial.

Textmunication SMS Software Increases Health Club Productivity

Success in business depends on good cash flow and effective management. Health clubs have limited cash flow, so it’s vital to run the club with effective tools increasing club membership and retaining members. In the competitive fitness world, it’s wise to spend for long-term survival. Spending more on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), marketing and retention tools will cost more on the front-end, but will help you save overall. It’s critical you know more about the Textmunication SMS solution which is cost effective, simple and efficient.  

SMS Services

Effective marketing is the driver of business management. Product, Pricing, Placement and Promotion are the important elements of marketing. The main part of the business is nurturing relationships with your customers. A customer-focused business culture will lead to business growth that should not be ignored. Constant communication will create trust. Automation and innovation – allows you to achieve your goal easily. SMS is an important tool in the modern era to reach any number of customers effortlessly.

Generally, customers dislike calls from marketing agents disturbing them. Sending SMS will not disturb the customer and the information will reach them instantly. Textmunication is a pioneer in the health & fitness industry. Our SMS service integrates with your back-office, operations and retention efforts to enhance overall business growth. You can target specific customers which will yield good results. Our streamline process will enable you to reach your customers in real-time, minimize dropout, upsurge in customers, save time and provide quick ROI.   


Benefits of SMS Solutions:

Automated Birthday Alerts: An automated text message of birthday greeting and/or offer will create good relationship between you and your customers.

Automated New Member Alerts: The Automated text messages will communicate, fortify and market your accomplishment with the new customers.   

Automated We Miss You Alerts: Automatically identifies and send messages to the customer who does not comeback within your stipulated time to retain the customer on track.

Automated New Prospect Alerts: A series of automated text messages intended to adapt your prospects to customers.

Automated Billing Decline Alerts: Automated text messages will notify customers regarding the scheduled payment decline ensues.

Automated Cancellation Alerts: Automatic confirmation text message send to the customer regarding the cancel, request their feedback and further welcome the customer to return.

Automated Health and Fitness Tips: Automated SMS Health and fitness tips will be sent to customers involved in your Health club/Gym.  

Automated PT Appt. Reminders: If your software scheduler is added with any Appt. then it will automatically be reminded via text message.   

SMS Campaign Builder and Scheduler: New products, promotions, updates, events and more via text message will reach the customers instantly.  

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