Discover why text message marketing is so easy and simple to use for your day to day business communication activities such as campaigns and alerts–to your prospects, clients, colleagues and even family.

Text message marketing is a great inbound marketing strategy. The penetration rate of mobile devices is more than 90% across the globe. Cost, simplicity and accessibility make text message marketing popular. Text messages can reach millions of mobile phones instantly.

Text Message Marketing is a vital tool for companies to promote or improve their revenues by sending promotional contents, discount coupons and reminders. Since it is consent-based, the text messages reach the customers who want them. Even non-profitable organizations can use text message marketing. Associations, clubs, churches, schools and political parties can send text messages to members, parishioners, parents and voters.

A recent survey stated 98% of the text messages are opened and read within 3 minutes – 75% of the customers prefer text messaging rather than phone calls or voicemail – 62% say it is useful to receive product offers or coupons – and 59% favour account activity and fraud alerts. Textmunication provides text message marketing services to companies and non-retail organizations.


What is Text Message Marketing?

SMS or ‘Short Messaging Service’ is a form of mobile marketing. SMS delivers text messages to customers instantly. Common SMS campaigns include raising awareness, service alerts and reminders, fundraising efforts and sending information regarding special offers and discounts. SMS has so many benefits collectively and each business has unique reasons why. Let us share some of the benefits of text message marketing we feel all business might share:

Less disturbance: Text messages are non-intrusive when compared to other forms of marketing. Customers deliberately avoid marketing phone calls or voicemails, but they actively read text messages.

Convenience: The text messages reach the customer instantly and can be read at their own convenience.

Cost: Text Message Marketing costs less when compared to other forms of advertising. The cost-effectiveness of text marketing makes it an attractive alternative to other forms of direct marketing.

Time: It take less time to reach millions of customers – and the texts are received within seconds. Most are read within 3 minutes.

Simplicity: Text message marketing is simple and you don’t need design skills or technical knowledge, you just have to do what you already know how to do when you text your friends and family.


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