Authors: The Textmunication Team | October 2, 2017 | Updated: May 23, 2018| 5 min

Law firms can use text messages for many of their outbound engagement initiatives. From internal communications towards colleagues or employees to external communications to prospects, leads, and clients. Read on to learn how law firms can use SMS for their operations.

Are you searching for an affordable, effective and simple way of enhancing the client base of your law firm? If yes, it is time to use SMS marketing for generating new business. Typically, law firms are still using conventional methods of business promotion like print, billboard ads, and emails to send their prospects. Are you aware the popularity of print and billboard ads are decreasing with each passing day? Why, well they are effective but they just don’t have the target ability that business are looking for.

Text message application can be the ideal platform for connecting with your target clients, building your brand, enhancing brand awareness and generating new leads. Let’s discuss some of the ways text messages can create a win-win situation for your law business.



Including a “Call to Action” to within your message bodies

Whether you are planning a print ad or sponsoring a local event, make sure to add a call to action. Your target customers keep their mobile phones with them at all times so you can make it easy for them to consume information if you direct them within your text campaign to check out a link or inviting them to visit a specific web location. For example, at the end of the print ad, you can request the readers to text a keyword to a short code to know more about your law firm or learn about some new information. In exchange for their mobile number you can set up an auto-responder and It will improve the likelihood the reader will pick up their phone and text you.


Sending relevant marketing information to interested customers

Text messaging, done the right way, takes out the probability of annoying your customers. What is most annoying is when you send information that is not valuable to your subscribers. Again, those subscribers who take the time to opt into such a personalized medium expect relevance and insight information. So make sure whatever the reason they opted in for is in alignment with the type of content you will send. Like if your call to action is telling them to opt-in right now to receive case alerts, then sent just that!


Maintaining strong internal communication

Through text messaging, you can keep your staff members informed about your law firm updates, scheduling changes, time-sensitive internal updates and more. This keeps your staff on the same page while maintaining strong internal communication in the place where they are having other direct conversations.

Text message marketing is effective if used with an underlining purpose and goal. Again, whether you’re communicating internally to your colleagues or externally to your prospects, text messaging offers a way for you to engage your recipients directly.

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