Keyword in text marketing is the cornerstone to start with. It helps you get new subscribers based on your campaign’s agenda and target audience’s requirements. Whether you want prospects to opt-in for promotions, regular updates or target a particular age group or region, an apt SMS keyword can do it all.

Textmunication is a platform that enables businesses to communicate with their customers via SMS messaging. To use keywords effectively for SMS opt-ins with Textmunication, you can keep following best practices with SMS keywords in mind.

How to Increase SMS Opt-Ins with the Right Keywords

  1. Choose Relevant Keywords

    Opt for text marketing keywords that are relevant to your business, products, or services. For example, if you run a restaurant or food service, choose keywords like “MENU,” “RESERVATION,” or “SPECIALS” to attract potential customers.

  2. Promote Keywords

    Promote your keywords on all marketing channels, such as social media, website, and emails, to leverage opt-ins. You can also add the keyword to your business cards, flyers, and ads or display them in your physical outlets.

  3. Provide Incentives

    Offer incentives to customers who opt-in using your keywords. A discount, a freebie, or exclusive content like a peek into your behind-the-scenes development. Rewards encourage more people to sign up and engage with your business.

  4. Keep It Simple

    Use simple and easy-to-remember keywords. Avoid using long or complicated words that are difficult to remember and type. You can also use common abbreviations to make it easier for customers to opt in.

  5. Be Clear and Concise

    Provide clear instructions on how to opt in using your chosen keyword. Make sure to include the keyword in your call-to-action and briefly explain the benefits of opting in.

  6. Segment Your Audience

    Use different keywords to segment your audience based on their interests, preferences, or location. This will help you to send targeted and relevant messages to your subscribers.

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  7. Easy to Spell

    Choose a keyword that is easy to spell and contains no confusing or complicated words. This makes it easier for customers to opt in and reduces the risk of typos.

  8. Unique

    Ensure your keyword is not being used by other businesses in your industry. This helps your customers identify your brand in the noise and avoid confusion.

  9. Relevant

    Ensuring your keyword is relevant to your business and the message conveyed to your customers helps attract the right audience and increase engagement.

  10. Memorable

    Choose a keyword that is memorable and easy to recall. This will help your customers to remember your brand and opt in again in the future.

  11. Urgent

    Create a sense of urgency by using keywords that communicate a limited-time offer or a deadline. Thus, encourage customers to take quick action.

  12. Fun

    Use a fun and creative keyword to attract more opt-ins and make your brand stand out among the surplus supply in the market.

  13. Localized

    Use localized keywords to target customers in specific regions or cities. Thus, reach your target audience without wavering toward the unintended users.

  14. Consistent

    Use the same keyword across all your marketing channels. Consistency is the key to helping customers identify your brand in the crowd for an easy opt-in.

  15. Measurable

    Track your keywords’ performances using analytics with text marketing. Optimize your campaigns in due course by finding the effective keywords with the most opt-ins and engagement.

    By following these top ways to use keywords for SMS opt-ins with Textmunication, you can increase your subscription rate and hence engagement.

    How about some benefits of opt-in keywords? We know, and we want you to know. 😊

Benefits of Using SMS Marketing Keywords

  1. Increased Opt-Ins

    Keywords make it easier for customers and prospects to opt-in to your SMS marketing campaigns. Promoting relevant keywords on various marketing channels can attract more opt-ins and grow your SMS subscriber list.

  2. Improved Targeting

    Keywords enable you to segment your SMS subscribers based on their interests, preferences, and location. Thus, increase the likelihood of engagement and conversions. For instance, an e-commerce store can send “College” to students to get updates on casual dresses they can wear to educational institutes. And “Formal” for people in a work-based environment.

  3. Higher Engagement Rates

    Known for an open rate of over 95%, SMS is an effective way to engage customers and prospects. Use keywords that resonate with your audience and give them valuable content. Thus, you can increase engagement rates and build stronger customer relationships.

  4. Cost-Effective

    SMS marketing is the most cost-effective marketing channel, where each SMS costs 2 cents at the max. Unlike other forms of marketing, SMS messaging is an extremely affordable solution for businesses of all scales.

  5. Increased Customer Loyalty and Retention

    SMS is highly personal, unlike other marketing channels, as it lands directly in your users’ hands. And being a consent-only channel, it automatically increases the loyalty of your audience. You can increase your brand’s credibility and personal connections in a few weeks, leading to long-term relationships.

  6. Real-Time Communication

    SMS messaging is a real-time communication channel that allows businesses to reach customers and prospects instantly. You can automate your SMS messaging campaigns and deliver timely messages to your subscribers using keywords.

Advanced And Versatile

Ask for Your SMS Campaign Keywords Today

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