Using keywords in Digital Marketing is one of the important ways to attract an audience. And SMS Marketing closely follows all the common standards of any marketing method like social media marketing or Email Marketing. So, text keywords can make or break your endeavors, even in a well-planned text marketing strategy.

These text keywords come in handy the same way they do in other channels. To lead the users in the right direction, to help them find your products and offerings.

This post explains the proper ways to use keywords in SMS Marketing to make profits in your business.

What is Text Keyword Marketing?

Text keywords are the phrases and words your audience uses for searching for products and services they are keen to use. Keywords open the floodgates of potential for a brand to reach their audience and place their offerings on the fore.
For instance, new users looking for salon services can subscribe to your SMS offers by sending an SMS “PMHAIR” to 87365. The keyword here is “PMHAIR”, and the number 87365 is called the short code, like any number used in mobile communication. New joiners can win a lucky draw for a grand service and timely information on deals and discounts once they register for updates using this SMS.
The best part about keywords in SMS Marketing is you seek users’ consent to include them in your text-based promotional content in the future. These keywords are highly effective as they don’t drown themselves on the internet among the herds of SEO keywords. They are initiated by the users and are limited to their mobiles.

How to Effectively Use Keywords in SMS Marketing

Keyword marketing effectively reaches the intended people at the desired time because it presents content, offers, and adverts people have been searching for. That doesn’t mean you simply pop into your users’ inboxes without a strategy.
Here is how you should use text keywords in mobile marketing with SMS.

  1. Permission
    Before (or while) you use keywords in text marketing, let users know you will send them updates and promotions of the related product and its frequency. Permission-based marketing is the heart of ethical promotions. This also saves you from miffed users who might take the exit gate more swiftly than you can imagine.
    Most telecommunication regulatory bodies and mobile service providers only allow you to send marketing SMSes when users opt in.
  2. KISS the Keyword
    Keep it simple, stupid; or KISS. That’s the mantra smart marketers have followed for ages in marketing. And we suggest you keep doing the same.
    The most effective keywords are short and memorable. Instead of using a keyword like “WHATISONOFFER”, use “SALON” or “PMHAIR”. Your users can correlate with such words and don’t need efforts to be recalled on time. Such keywords also reflect what they are meant for.
    Imagine typing “WHATISONOFFER” without making a typo and the efforts your users need to remember it.
  3. Flaunt it Innovatively
    You don’t need to ask users to opt for promotional SMSes by sending an SMS. Ask them to send you the keyword to your shortcodes through your website, social media handles, emails, banners, t-shirts, posters on vehicles, and display boards. Novel ideas look appealing and so can get you new subscribers.
    As a food outlet, add your keyword over the menu card. If you’re running a gym, print your keyword and short code on your merch. Options are many.
  4. Make it Unique
    Don’t just send “reply with YES to <short code>” to your uses in every promotional message. Choose a keyword your users can relate with. For a hair service, use HAIR. For a spa, the same beauty salon can use SPA. For new members, use “HELLO”. Such small tweaks help users know exactly what they are opting for or discussing.
    Using as many keywords as you need is necessary for personalizing the messages. You can’t expect users to send “WHATISONOFFER” to enquire about the latest deals in a salon. “DEALS” do so much better here.
    Unique and separate keywords for different campaigns are traceable at the backend, too.
  5. Offer a Way Out
    Giving the option to opt out of your text adverts is not only important, but also necessary. Otherwise, you might irk your users who are already receiving your promotional content via social media handles or emails by doubling down. Of course, no one wants to get bombarded with the same promotional messages twice. Even worse, thrice.
    And you should leave room for your audience to breathe. Perhaps, they have used your services and don’t need them anymore. What if they want to just stop receiving your texts as they’re busy or shifting the city or for whatever reasons? Also, your opt-out policy should follow the no-questions-asked rule.


Before You Leave…
If you use mobile marketing with SMS and MMS, automate the messages as much as possible in unique ways to serve better. With each keyword in your SMS Marketing tool, have a tried-and-tested reply set. If you’re still in a lurch to select one from so many best SMS Marketing software available, don’t think twice. Choose Textmunication.

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