Authors: The Textmunication Team | January 12, 2018 | 2.5 min read.

Let’s think, why should you be optimizing for mobile in 2018? Well smartphone adoption has driven consumers to check their emails, spend time on social media and purchase merchandise online. Consumers are spending more time on mobile devices than desktop. Mobile optimization for your business is critical to attract active consumers who are willing to engage and purchase through mobile optimized websites, mobile apps and SMS mobile marketing. This is why it is so crucial to have a considerate mobile frontier that will empower your companies marketing goals.

The Process towards optimization

Every company will have a different mobile marketing strategy that is influenced by their buyer personas. That is because each buyer that your mobile strategy is trying to motivate has some similarities and differences. Which is why you may have to put some thought about what would your buyers see as optimized mobile experience? We did a bit digging for some interesting statistics on why your business must optimizing for mobile in 2018. Just so you can see why there has been such a digital trend towards evolving.

A recent survey shows 82% of Alexa websites are mobile adaptive. If you want your site to increase revenues, it should be optimized for mobile.

• 54% of internet advertising revenues are delivered on mobile devices.

• Cell phone service carriers provide smartphones for free – or at discount which rapidly increases the mobile internet usage. Currently, 80% of internet users own a smartphone.

• American adults are spending 3 hours 23 minutes on mobile internet per day.

• Mobile users predominantly use the search engine ‘Google’. The market share of Google is 93%. To increase the mobile search, traffic should be optimized for Google.

Pinterest is a social network which has full support for mobile apps. Most of its traffic comes from either smartphones or tablet devices. Companies targeting mobile users should include Pinterest as part of the social media strategy.

• A survey reveals consumers engage with their mobile devices first thing in the morning. Publish or send your content in the morning to attract action.

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