As I reflect on my past 9 years as CEO, I’m amazed by how much our company has changed over the years. In this letter, I would like to summarize some of the transformational events that have shaped our company and help thousands of businesses grow through our SMS mobile marketing solution.

In 2017, we executed bold measures bringing together the right people and the right assets to help transform Textmunication. Our innovative SMS solution instantly connects our valued clients to their members and prospects providing ROI, retention and loyalty.

Our entire team is committed to a journey we began more than three years ago. We recognized a need to fundamentally change our internal operations to target specific SMS verticals. By targeting the Health and Fitness market, we found a sector needing instant communication tools. Our SMS solution is now the leading Health and Fitness SMS solution for the more than 37,000 health clubs in the United States.

Our vision has always been centered on our clients: Be the best. Be more relevant. Be more efficient – and most importantly, be more client-solution focused with our SMS services.

Our management team is the best in the mobile space and together we developed the vision and strategy being carried out today. Our vision is delivering long-term shareholder value and incorporating a “best-in-class” service experience for our clients.

Textmunication has taken recent steps improving the future of our company:

  • Hired experienced developers and integrated a team of strong API developers
  • Significant capital investments improving our SMS platform, CRM, marketing and back-office infrastructure
  • Improved our financial and operational efficiency for short and long-term growth
  • Focused internally on our company culture and becoming a top employer in the Bay Area
  • Executed several partnerships in the Health and Fitness, Salon and Quick Service Restaurant verticals
  • Hired financial advisors to assist in raising capital
  • Developed strategic technology partnerships with leading companies and technologists

There is no doubt we’re a better company today because of these changes – and we will keep improving to reach revenue milestones and company goals.

Our competition is strong, but we are well-positioned for future growth. We have several advantages – including an outstanding team, the most innovative SMS solution and the “best-in-class” service roadmap. We developed a clear connectivity strategy enabling us to effectively manage our legacy business while capitalizing on future opportunities with our new SMS platform. Textmunication is geared for strong growth by establishing solid partnerships, developing an innovative SMS platform, creating robust API capabilities and architecting a strategic operational roadmap enabling long-term EBITDA, free cash-flow, improved earnings and increased market share.

We are investing in our technology, enhancing current and new partnerships, improving our customer service capabilities and ensuring Textmunication will be a significant and leading competitor in the SMS marketplace for years to come.

We are committed to maintaining financial discipline, enhancing our operational efficiency, executing our strategic plan and sustaining management accountability.

We will need to execute better than our competition. We need to remain humble and mindful of our client’s current and future needs. Our focus must be flexible with the ability to change based on new technology trends and our customer’s requests. We must continue staying two-steps ahead in the fast-growing SMS mobile marketing sector.

The importance of SMS in business environments will demand reliability and scalability. Our clients need and want SMS mobile marketing – so the need to deliver innovative and scalable solutions is critical. We are positioned to succeed and deliver with both technology and world-class service. Our partnerships with the leading Club Management Software (CMS) firms in the Health and Fitness and Salon sectors will assist with increasing market share.

Our new Smart Automated Messaging (SAM) software platform can compete with any SMS platform allowing Textmunication to plan aggressively for future growth and new alliances. Our SMS technology is robust and unique – and we consider it to be a significant milestone in Textmunication’s history. With our new SAM platform operational, we will focus on API development creating new partnerships and revenue. We will begin architecting GEN4 in mid-2018 allowing for the conversion of standard data into intelligent data. Our SMS aggregator has selected Textmunication to test its Rich Communication Service (RCS) in early 2018 allowing for higher definition images and video.

I’m grateful for our team and their unwavering commitment through this period of growth. They have always delivered with the customer as their #1 priority. On behalf of Textmunication Holdings and our leadership team, we thank them for their continued dedication to our company and our customers.

We also want to thank the businesses across the country who have chosen the Textmunication SMS services. We look forward to being a leading provider of SMS services for years to come. Our business is not immune to the challenges of the market, but we’ll continue focusing on our strategic roadmap and use ingenuity to overcome challenges in the mobile space.

As we enter 2018 – our companies 9th anniversary – we proudly say we are humbled and privileged to serve our clients and shareholders. We look forward to servicing our clients with a communication solution providing quick ROI and a way to stay engaged with members.

Today, we stand on a foundation that has never been more solid. A platform that is ready to hold the weight of the next generation of technology and services. Thank you for your confidence and continued support.


Wais Asefi


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