Operational SMS programs are also another extremely valuable grouping of SMS activity that it is important to have a practical understanding around. Like transactional SMS programs we published an article about a few weeks ago, operational SMS activity is another tactic that can cut down costs, improve efficiency, customer satisfaction and reduce human errors through SMS automation.

What is operational SMS?


Operational SMS programs refer to automated messaging activity that is sent to a consumer from a business that support engagement qualities that have an emphasis on developing relationship. It may help your understanding if you think of operational SMS programs through the lens of engagement that supports retention and relationship kindling.

What does operational SMS look like now?


Operational SMS programs are synonymous to transactional SMS programs by design, but the communication objectives that they are set out to complete are slightly different.


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Operation is about keeping processes ongoing and in continuity. For example, the engagement you want to keep with specific consumer types or groups should be in an operational lens and at scale. Scalability is not just about quantity, but duration. At Textmunication we help fuel your operations SMS programs using predefined and customized automated alerts. 


What are examples of operational SMS programs?


Operational SMS programs can be design to fit many different scenarios throughout any phase in your consumer journeys with your business:


Welcome consumer status messages – This type of operational SMS message goes out to welcome new customers at the beginning of their journeys through your product, service or subscription.


Prospect consumer status messages – This type of operational SMS message goes out to drive sentiment and drive positive behavioral disposition toward your brand. You know your business model and consumer landscape the best so this is where you can really earn some loyalty points.


Billing status messages – This type of operational SMS message goes out to let your consumers know the status of their automated recurring billing setup. As in the scenario where it is late or overdue.


Birthday or natal status messages – This type of operational SMS message builds sentiment and drives positive behavior disposition as well towards your brand. When personalizing outreach on a day that is relative to your audience is a great brand loyalty development tactic.


Customized recurring message – This type of operational SMS message can be fully customized but if its aim is to engage and build on the relationship of your target audience based on their type or status. It can be viewed as an operational SMS program.


All of these operational SMS programs help address the scalable communication necessities that all brands need to have to stay competitive. As we mentioned, consumers put a lot of pressure on businesses to have a certain quality around their customer service experiences. Operational SMS messaging is one of the technical measures your team can take with messaging software to accomplish that.


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