When you hire SAM you can set an existing toll free number (TFN) and turn it into a long code (LC) that you can use to send and receive messages from your SMS marketing software.


What exactly does that mean though? We break down the value of turning your business phone number into a long code and how easy it is done with Textmunication’s SMS marketing software SAM.


Saving the time to convert


Do you currently have a business phone number that you have branded in the digital landscape? Like on your google my business page, yelp, website, intermediary vendor or other online directories? It could take some resource to update all of those areas if you wanted to either use a short code or a long code for your SMS marketing program. Before we move forward it would be important to define some new terms.


What is a toll free number (TFN)?


A toll free number is basically a 10-digit number that can be dialed without any charge to the person placing the call. You probably already have a TFN, all companies use this format because they want to encourage consumers to call them. The other benefit is that the business gets to create a vanity number which essentially is any sequence of numbers available that the business can use. Generally it is something that is easy to remember.


What is a long code (LC)?


A long code is basically a 10-digit number, but in the context and SMS marketing literacy it describes the 10-digit number that can be used to send and receive messages from SMS marketing software.


Textmunication SMS marketing software is called SAM. Click here to learn more about it. 


Deciding between a short code and a long code 


Depending on your SMS marketing strategy, there are reasons why it makes more sense for you to choose a long code. Long codes typically are free or less expensive to provision than a short code. The short code provision process requires more guidelines between aggregators and network providers for one really important reason. With short codes you can send mass campaigns so there needs to be more policy behind the activation process to know that you are not going to SPAM consumers. Long codes allow you to only send one message per second so if you are trying to send mass campaigns, this option may not be for you. Although if you are looking for singular engagement and a tool that can library all those interactions in one place, then a long code is the perfect solution for you. 


Now that you understand what a toll free number is and what a long code is you probably see how useful it could be to convert your TFN into a long code. That way all you have to do when you brand your SMS marketing long code for consumer interaction, you can save the time and resource on implementing your program so you can scale even faster.


Ready to convert your toll free number into a long code? Click here to get started.


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