Gamification encourages engagement and participation which is the cornerstone to all campaign objectives. Gamification can be understood in your marketing practices as a game-like design element. This can take many forms depending on the tool you are using. With Textmunication’s SMS messaging application SAM you can now offer your mobile audience a more interactive experience for time-sensitive offers, promotions, contests and sweepstakes by using our mobile scratcher.


Textmunication’s Mobile Scratcher


You may be thinking, how is Textmunication changing the game? (No pun intended). We recently launched our mobile scratcher which adds a mysterious component to your promotions by sharing them behind a digital scratcher. Just like the mega millions playslip, they will have to scratch to see what prize lies behind.

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Want to give our mobile scratcher a try? Hire SAM now.


Gamification research with campaign strategies show really interesting metrics about the implementation of this concept in various methods. Of course one of the most important ones being conversion. Conversation rates improved by 700% for marketing teams that implement game-like design elements into their marketing campaigns (Finance Online). Thats a lot of upside and could probably be the extra boost your campaigns need to be successful.


Create a more meaningful experience


The opportunity that is created when you use the mobile scratcher is a more memorable and deeper brand experience. That is what it is all about, creating more memorable experiences between your consumer and your brand. Plain text gets the job done, but it is more fun if the recipient gets to take advantage of the interactive gestures that makes the smartphone experience so magical.


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