How fast are you able to collect YOUR EFT dues? One of the many benefits of Textmunication text messaging features is the ability to alert you members of their past due bill. This can be automated by integrating with your CMS (club management system).

Textmunication can AUTOMATICALLY Alert your EFT declines instantly via text message with instructions on how the member can update their payment. With today’s most effective and commonly used forms of communication in SMS messaging you can collect dues in minutes and get your message to your entire decline list IMMEDIATELY at one time. Here is a brief list of the benefits of using text messaging for billing notifications:

Saves time as the process is automated.
Saving the time allows you or the staff member to focus on more important items such as gaining a new member, retaining, selling PT.
NO more phone calls to declines. Members cannot answer the phone at work and 87% of these calls end up going to voicemail.
Able to set up anywhere between 1-6 billing notifications.
Collect more revenue and keep in house rather than sharing or splitting what’s collected by an agency.
Results in minutes!
Immediate ROI in your first month, NO CONTRACT.
If you will would like to request a demo or have general questions, please contact us one of the following ways:

  • Text DEMO to 87365
  • Call 1-800-677-7003
  • Email info@

We appreciate the time for reading this blog post and we were excited to share the success story. So we can be accurate with your questions on pricing and available features we request to please let us know what club management system your facility(s) currently use.

Thanks in advance and make it a great day!

Additional Information:
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