We all know that the increasing growth of the IT is often related to users’ level of education. However, an important role is also – and probably more likely – played by local governments encouraging a massive use of the internet and of its web resources.

Actually, today the number of users of the internet is really high and it keeps growing with time each month, so for the just-started new year 2016 we should expect a continuous growth of users.

Authoritative data about the internet users

According to the Internet World Stats (a Miniwatts Marketing Group), in November 2015 the internet users in the world were:

48.2% in Asia

18.0% in Europe

10.2% in South America

9.8% in Africa

9.3% in North America

3.7% in Middle East

0.8% in Oceania

However, the region of the globe which features the largest growth in terms of internet usage and population is Middle East, with its 3,649.8% more users since 2000.

On the opposite side, we can see the Europe and North America are the two regions of the planet with the smaller growth data: in other terms, the connection to the internet is becoming a serious realty in the rest of the world, while Europe and North America still stays on a slow-growth level.

Most visited and uses websites /platforms Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQVz1YSte1ByTDR0hO3sm4BKcBT7vjpr8ny8sO2 4DczA6y7Dd57g

Analyzing the given data from the Internet World Stats, it seems that a growing number of users choose to connect to the internet to access gaming platforms and online casinos. So, we should expect a massive growth by these entertainment markets in the course of the new year 2016.

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