Promising quick response rates and enhanced customer engagement, SMS marketing is significantly helping the food industry drive sales. Customers tend to use their mobile phones for finding the nearest restaurants, getting directions, ordering food, booking tables, browsing menus and checking reviews. Text marketing can considerably help you make your restaurant the favorite among customers!

In this blog, let’s analyze the SMS marketing strategy of Domino’s, a popular U.S. pizza restaurant chain.

Preparing and Scheduling

Plan your strategy in advance to ensure everything is set well before initiating your text messaging campaign. With proper scheduling, you can save time and enhance success rates.

Great Timing

Do not send SMS alerts at times when the recipients are busy. They may get irritated and annoyed. Domino’s doesn’t overload its customers with unwanted messages. If you send messages frequently, it can reduce the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Domino’s typically sends its messages during Fridays and Saturdays, the most popular days when the customers are sure to order. Send messages when you believe your customers are free and will be tempted to order.

Write Persuasively

To increase the numbers of customers interacting with your text campaigns, writing persuasive messages is crucial. Domino’s uses active verbs like ‘order,’ ‘call’ and ‘buy,’ along with words requesting immediate action like ‘this week,’ ‘today’ or ‘now.’


A key aspect to SMS marketing success is through personalization. During the collection of customer details, Domino’s segments its customers according to the stores they frequent the most. This helps in localizing text messages. Domino’s adds local store offers, the name of store and contact details. This helps you can connect with your customers and offers a level of personalization.

Developing Mobile-Friendly Website

Domino’s mobile marketing navigates the consumer towards its website. They maintain their website perfectly and ensure it is mobile-friendly. This can help in achieving your conversion goals.

Seasonal Text Marketing

Domino’s taps into the benefits of special events and festivities all year round. This assists in keeping messages updated, exciting and interesting. You can capitalize on holidays or special events and entice your customers to order from your restaurant or visit it personally.

Textmunication can help your business replicate Domino’s SMS marketing strategies and significantly enhance the popularity of your restaurant! Click here to learn how.



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