Nowadays, SMS has become the most common form of communication for people across the globe. The response rate of SMS is much more than emails, thereby providing businesses the ideal marketing tools. With the ever growing popularity of SMS marketing, it has become a great channel for gambling, betting, and lotteries.

Extremely popular games and services are casino games like roulette and poker. Gaming and betting industry can easily benefit from text marketing via sending information about prices and odds and tips for enhancing the gaming strategy and possibility of winning. With mobile phones in their pockets or purses anytime, people quickly pick it up and check the message when they hear a beep. So, the gaming and betting businesses can deliver information to their subscribers anytime.

Ways Gaming Businesses and Casinos Benefit from Text Marketing

Welcome new registered users

Gaming businesses can use creative text messages to encourage new subscribers and encourage them towards depositing money.

Information about open seats

Traditionally, the customers had to get their name entered on the waiting list to play a poker or casino game. But if they moved to another room for a drink or refreshment, they often missed hearing their name called, thereby enhancing their waiting time. But with SMS, they can get quick information about open seats, irrespective of the place they are in. This can eliminate the risk of missing their turn to play their favorite game.

Send time sensitive Updates

Large numbers of betting and gaming companies have started using text marketing for sending time sensitive updates about the current matches, races or other gaming opportunities.

Send tailor-made messages

Betting and gaming businesses can now easily please their customers via sending tailor messages. Whenever there is a big game or race, you can send SMS to only interested customers.

Boost Brand Awareness

Bookers and gamers can easily use SMS as an effective marketing tool for boosting brand awareness. With fewer messages sent only to already subscribed customers, the costs will be lower, relevant messages sent and more customers interested in latest games and betting.

Encourage bets while playing

With customers taking their phones wherever they go, text messages makes the perfect platform for betting in-play services. The same messages can be sent to all the customers who have subscribed for SMS, including those who have bet unsuccessfully on the gaming event.

To end, it is obvious to state that SMS marketing is the smart way for gaming industry to enhance their customer base and increase brand awareness!


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