Enhancing Brand Awareness and Engaging Customers

When it comes to engaging your customers, enhancing sales and increasing brand awareness for your restaurants, SMS marketing creates the ideal medium. With text messages, not only can you ensure the cost-effective promotion of your restaurant, but also use a highly popular channel customers have easy access to.

Apart from an effective and affordable medium, another benefit of text message marketing is that it is a permission-based activity. Customers who are interested in receiving your messages will subscribe. Whenever you initiate an SMS marketing campaign, it will be directed towards interested customers, thereby significantly enhancing the chances of a quick response.

A quick look towards the benefits of SMS marketing for restaurants

  • Great reach
  • Most of your customers have easy access to a mobile
  • Customers are more likely to respond to a text message as compared to emails
  • Coupons which you send via SMS have almost eight times higher redemption rates

The Uses of SMS Marketing for a Restaurant

Apart from sending timely coupons to your customers, you can use text messages for various other activities. You can share positive reviews of your restaurants, send VIP promotions and inform consumers about special events or discounts. You can even initiate a competition via text messages. As soon as customers hear the message beep, you can start a ‘first come first serve’ promotion as well!

Ways to initiate SMS Marketing for your Restaurant

When starting a text messaging campaign for your restaurant, you require two things – a database of customers for sending your messages and a convenient and affordable bulk text messaging platform. When you select a bulk text messaging platform, text messaging will be a straightforward function. You just require uploading your customer’s database, compose your message and click send. You can also schedule your message to be dispatched at a time when the messages will receive the maximum readability.

You can easily measure the success of your restaurant SMS marketing strategy via obtaining vital information via spikes in engagement – open rates and delivery rates – for fine tuning future strategies.

Quick Ways to Raise Brand Awareness and Enhance Customer Engagement

You can use bulk text messaging to initiate surveys among customers and request them to respond. With the help of the survey, you will get to know the hot favorite items of your restaurants which can further enhance the popularity of your restaurant. If you send interesting surveys or polls, your customers may even share it with their colleagues, friends, and families!

SMS marketing can enhance brand awareness and increase customer engagement. Use it for your restaurant promotion and make it the most popular establishment in your area!


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