Picture this. You emailed the users in your database with the subject line: “Sale you shouldn’t miss. Free membership with this voucher.” The spam filter in your users’ inbox will immediately move your email to the junk folder. The words Sale and Free are the culprits here. Yes, you can tweak your email subject lines. Even modify your copies to avoid such scenarios.

However, do you know that your users are 4.5x more likely to respond to MMS and SMS marketing campaigns than an email with a similar context? That’s why you should invest in SMS marketing software now. And to learn more reasons why text marketing wins over emails, read along.

Why SMS Marketing Over Emails

  1. Performance

    Text messages have a staggering open rate of 98%, whereas emails have the same KPI of 34.46%. Thanks to the reduced attention span, your audience appreciates information in the quickest and shortest possible way.

    Our study says SMS marketing campaigns have 10-15% higher CTR than email messages. With a clear, single CTA in the limited space of 160 characters, SMS marketing wins over emails. With no hype and preambles, text messaging’s direct and succinct content delivers through the minds easily. This is probably the reason that the B2C industry banks heavily upon bulk SMS marketing.

    85% of consumers prefer to receive an SMS to a voice call or an email. Read Textmunication’s brochure to learn more about the stats of how text marketing beats email campaigns.

  2. Spam Filtering

    According to SimpliLearn, only 3% of SMSes are tagged spammy. With email programs filtering several business and marketing emails and sending them to the junk folder based on some predefined keywords, your SMS falls into a safe category.

    Email addresses are easily available on various social media platforms and public databases compared to mobile numbers. So, your users get lesser spammy texts than emails. Hence, to reach out to new customers for your campaign, SMS is a safer route. Your prospects are more likely to read your message and respond to them.

    Have you read about the opt-in policy for text messaging in business to safeguard your users from unwanted emails?

  3. Usage

    Agree that most B2B marketing messages come via emails, owing to their accommodating length for longer and informative pieces. But SMS marketing reigns the B2C industry, with real estate grabbing a 73% share among all the industries. Our research says 42% of B2C companies use text marketing, while only half the B2B brands use it as their marketing mode.

    SMS wins over emails in the B2C industry because end users love crisp content. They want the information to land in their hands with or without the internet at a lightning-fast speed.

    Swipe a credit card and get the transaction update immediately. The delivery status of the products they’ve ordered must land right in their hands. Timely appointment reminders in one line.

    Your consumers need just an update, not the whole story. This is why B2B prefers lengthy emails while B2C prefers the fastest and shortest SMS messages.

  4. Pricing

    Pricing for an SMS marketing software package and an email package vary drastically. You can send one SMS for 1 cent. Although you can get a package of several emails for less than 10 dollars, you don’t get to use templates and automation at this cost. However, SMS is so short that you don’t necessarily need a template.

    When you partner with Textmunication for an SMS package, you get several benefits like 2 keywords for marketing, automation, round-the-clock support, stats and reports, and more. You can even try it free for 1 month and get most of the features to discover the advantages of SMS marketing.

    Explore our pricing plans to check what suits your needs.

  5. Personalization

    Although 160 characters might sound limiting for personalization, in fact, it’s a boon. You only need the first names of your users and the funnel (automation) to trigger the right SMS based on their buying journey. All these are covered when you use SAM—Textmunication’s SMS automation platform.

    With an email having so many features and huge space, your marketers are bound to personalize to the hilt. You need names, catchy images and subject lines, proper signatures, and more to make the emails personalized and appealing. In contrast, an SMS can do away with a lot of it.

    Even after taking caution and writing carefully designed email campaigns, your emails still have a higher chance of falling through the crack and being marked as spam.

Talk To Sales

Your Best Route to Success? A Mix-Up

Although SMS wins over emails in several aspects, you can’t ignore the benefits of emails in your campaign. Keeping users updated through the latest news, sharing knowledge nuggets, and circulating user manuals are easier via emails. So, we suggest mixing your marketing arsenal with both weapons.

Find textperts from the Textmunication team here and discuss your options.


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