What makes SMS campaigns effective? The question that grips marketing strategizers on their voyage to drive sales and build relationships with their consumers. Well if we think about, the things that make all communication effective are universal. Just like in all message transmissions there has to be a sender and receiver. Between the two parties there has to be a channel that allows both parties to receive the information instantly and directly. 


That is what communication is about. There are also other important adjectives that sum up the qualities of an effective SMS communicator. Let’s review them:


Short-form styled


SMS messaging reputation was built around the short form nature of the medium. It is about bite size information that gets straight to it! Of course you can always add a link to a larger appetite of information, but start small and add from there.


Relevant communication


I know you have heard the idiom, if you have lemons, make lemonade! That is exactly what should guide your communication objective principles. If you know your audience wants a specific promotion, offer or discount then tell them that. That is exactly what they are waiting form. If you do not know, don’t be afraid to ask! Provide a link to survey so you can create segments in your data and later the target ability becomes easier with your SMS campaigns.


Clear call to action


All campaigns have a communication objective which are targets. That could be to impart knowledge or reduce resistance towards a certain opinion. Whatever it is make sure that you are also clear about what you want them to do after they receive the information. Words like: redeem, show, use, click and provide should help direct traffic in the SMS messaging inbox. Again it is not about just engagement but interaction.


Use relative connecting points


Relative marketing practices will keep you from being too broad in your outreach. Broadness can lead to ineffectiveness in your SMS campaigning. Again when it comes to specific marketing messages, one size does not fit all! Make sure you are targeting more active consumers so you can get more immediate results.


Send at the right time


Timing can be everything. So it is good to try to master your consumer schedules. I know that that may seem kind of tricky at first, but just review some commonalities of their behavior? When do they like to do certain things and why do they do them then? Those kinds of mental models can help you find when it is right to send, but of course running some SMS campaign tests. Send campaigns in the morning, afternoon and later in the day and measure the results you get.


Urgency breeds motivation


Deadlines and expiration dates help create urgency. When we know the window of time we have to complete specific tasks like redeeming a promotion or offer. It will be at the forefront of our minds and set along our priorities. Include those in the campaign offers to get things in motion.


Consider images and videos


As you know video and images are really engaging media choices you can make to send to your audience. They can also be more memorable and attention grabbing. You and your teams spend great effort and time to create them for your brand’s purpose. Put those assets in your SMS campaigns to grow viewership or awareness for those pieces of content. It is a great way to make your text message campaign experiences more engaging.


Encourage mobile app downloads


If you have a native application, a strategy using SMS messaging to drive more downloads is essential. You can also use URL tracking features that text marketing software has to know how many people clicked on the link and abandoned the request so you can know if you need to optimize your mobile app store feel and look.


You have to be aware of your campaign activity. Textmunication mobile engagement platform helps supplement that awareness because all of the text message marketers go to insight is organized nicely in the system. You can see exactly what you send and other important send metrics that help you measure effectiveness. Most important if you know your list size, delivery status based on that list and engagement insight such as URL click stats. It is easier to know how effective your campaigns were in retrospect.

Try sending your mobile audience effective outreach using Textmunication Smart Automated Messaging software right now. 


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