They say you can’t teach speed, but in the enterprise messaging space it can be developed and measured based on throughput per second or TPS. Throughput per second is a really important technical concept in regards to the messaging power an application has and if you are building out messaging experiences in your app, something your development team should pay attention to. It is kind of like horse power in a car. The more of it you have the more capacity it can handle. Let’s get into the details though.


What is throughput per second or TPS?


TPS or Throughput per second is the amount of transactions or messages an application can process in a second. That seems easy to understand right? Well there’s more to it. As a sender you really want a reliable channel that can process and deliver information to your receiver. You also want it to do it quickly. TPS rates vary based on the type of sender ID your select. In A2P messaging systems the sender IDs that are available are: dedicated-short codes, shared-short codes (which are being discontinued), toll-free long codes, local long codes.

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Why it is important 


At Textmunication we have relationships with aggregators and network providers that support how our product handles its text marketing magic and do it at any scale. If you are a technology officer or manager in your company it is important to understand nuances like this in your research. What determines a specific TPS or how it is calculated can get pretty technical, but understanding it is important to getting a better perspective on the experience your software can offer users. If you are considering building any simple or complex communication experience with an SMS gateway within your application then it is important to understand it.


As more information regarding throughput is released by network providers and aggregators we will be sure to update you on this information. If you had any other questions feel free to email


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