Keeping up with each and every new member you enroll day to day is going to be a challenge. At Textmunication we understand that the first 90 days of a new member joining any club are critical. Within the first 90 days you can often determine if a member will be sticking around for the long haul or short term. With so many important things to communicate, amenities to offer and to ensure your new member starts on the right path towards their fitness goals. Allow Textmunication’s AUTOMATED “New Member Alerts” streamline that process with today’s most effective method of communication, text messaging!


What are New Member Alerts?   


Integrated with your club management system, Textmunication can automate a series custom text message to each and every new member your club enrolls within the first 90 days of enrollment. You can set up 1-6 automated text messages with vital information to each new member starting from day one then a series of follow ups. For example: a welcome message, 7 day follow up, 30 day, 60 day, then a 90 day. These text messages would be a great opportunity for your club too.


  1. Ensure the new member books their 1st appointment with a trainer.
  2. Capture point of sale referrals from each new member which is vital for any club. Referral Web Forms – Keyword & Short Code
  3. Encourage the new member to download a mobile application the club may have.
  4. Get the new member active and invite to try a class with a friend! Class Schedules
  5. Reward the new member for working out X amount of times within their first 90 days.
  6. Collect feedback on the sales process for fine tuning and more!!!


Whether you’re a current Textmunication user or not and would like more information on this features, please let us know.


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Thank you for your time and we look forward to growing your club’s business!



The Textmunication Team


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