Are you keeping track of your customers’ journey? What about tracking every time they repeat business with you? After we’ve methodically organized lead generation plans in an effort to create a greater community to outreach. The next step would be to consider how your business is going to nourish that new relationship. Like the old saying goes, it is more challenging to find new business than it is to get customers to repeat.


What are text message marketing loyalty programs?

In case there is some confusion in your understanding, we wanted to define what a loyalty program is, why it is important and describe how it’s used. Now there are two types of loyalty programs, one is business to business, but the one we are going to describe is business to consumer. Loyalty programs are contests that put your customers on an interactive journey toward a reward or offer. This allows the client to stay engaged with your brand as they reach each milestone and get closer to an offer. Loyalty programs can be seen as beneficial simply based on psychology, we love rewards and are always looking for ways where we can acquire them. Text messaging loyalty programs can be a great marketing strategy for various reasons.


Everything is tracked

Each time a customer pays a visit and checks in by entering their phone number on a loyalty application, they are instantly sent a progress report informing them which visit they are checking in for and the amount of visits left.


Say goodbye to managing hard copies

Traditional methods that are most commonly seen are stamped or stickered cards that are tricky to manage, like any other hard copy. With a text messaging loyalty program, everything is  paperless. That means consumer progress is never lost.


Milestones auto responders are preset

After each check in with a text message marketing loyalty program merchants can preset message body responders motivating revisitation. This creates interactive communication that lets the customer know that their visits are collected and tracked. This also creates legitimacy in the loyalty program.


Milestone visit reminders

This is one of the most important components of a loyalty and rewards program. When the time permits, merchants can set and schedule automated milestone reminders informing their clients how far they are till their next offer if they have not paid a visit in awhile.


Loyalty programs start to lose performance because they become forgotten under the huge amount of marketing information we process daily. When there is not a notification system in place letting consumers know where they are in their journey, it can be hard to manage. When you hire SAM, you get a text message marketing software that will help you keep track of your customers repeat purchase journey.


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