One of the very few industries that has continued to add more jobs and resist the recession throughout the years is the medical field. Job seekers looking to get hired in the healthcare industry usually have a hard time finding the financial resources, or the time and energy to graduate from med school and actually become nurses or physicians. With zero experience at hand and not a lot of practical skills to add to your resume, you will need all the help you can get into landing your first job. You can start by reading these next few lines.

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This is one of the golden secrets to landing an entry level job in healthcare. With hundreds of available jobs in clinics or non-clinic specialties, with special emphasis on entry level clinical roles, you could find an ideal job with the help of a specialized job search site. One of your biggest challenges, however, is going to be breaking into the industry. Nevertheless, with no medical experience or lots of education in the field, you could still find a company willing to recruit you.


For this, you will need to stay updated with the latest industry news, including knowing who are the key players, biggest companies, or best medical trends at sight. A simple search online should put you face to face with an impressive number of open jobs; checkout the requirements they are asking and the kind of skills they are looking for. Learn who is hiring, and who the interviewer is going to be, should you be granted an interview. Learn everything you need to know about the company you might get hired for and make an excellent first impression.

Search For Jobs Using Networks

Do a lot of networking if you want to find jobs in your field; get in touch with as many people as you can who are also involved in the healthcare industry. It is crucial to know people who are already working in clinics, so set up your very own professional network and focus on face to face interaction. While you can also send mass messages on your favorite social media pages, it is crucial to mix this practice with face-to-face networking. Do a lot of volunteer work for as many hospitals, local clinics, and other types of professional associations as you can find available.

What Old Skills Can You Bring Along?

While you might not be holding on to a degree in medicine, you might have good skills you can transfer from the old industries you have been involved in. If you are a goo IT person or you know your way around numbers, you could land a job as a network administrator expert or accountant working for a hospital in your area. Your sales, marketing, or administrative skills will also prove to be handy when looking to get hired in the healthcare field.

A couple of excellent examples of entry level jobs are medical receptions or filing clerks; once you get in, start proving your desire to improve yourself, learn, and grow.


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