Television has a reach of around 71.5 % and all your customers have to be in the right time and right place to see your advertisement. Around 91% of people keep their phones within reach every time, this presents the broad reach of using text marketing. When compared with Television ads Text message Marketing is always the cheaper and best.

It is easy to use, simple, instant text message services helps in targeting your both existing and new customers.

Introduction of Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing involves sending of messages to a large number of people at a time.  “ Text marketing“ is a kind of permission based activity, and we cant able to purchase mobile numbers. Customers have to give their permission for sending sms for them.

Keywords is the only way to attract our customers and to adopt them in our text message services. Keywords are memorable, short words that helps in inviting your potential customers by sms to a dedicated mobile number in order to get benefit from a promotion. When they make a response they will definitely added to your customer database.

All the customer database will be maintained over a web based platform. This platform helps in sending messages to a large number of people at a time. Within minutes customers will be reading your text messages with our sms marketing. This platform also helps in giving the statics of delivery rated, engagements and much more details.

Benefits Of Text Message Marketing 

Text Message Marketing is a vital tool to add to your marketing suite. It results in gaining greater coverage of your products, brand, services, promotions all in the place where mobile users are spending most of their time. Below are the benefits of text message marketing:

• It is More powerful –  Texting is the most fastest and easiest way to reach all your customers and building a good relationship that are productive and meaningful.

• It is More Flexible –  A feature that lets to gather new contacts and help in tracking each and every text messages with more advanced reporting tools. All your text messages will be delivered in real time speed.

• It can reach more – Text Messaging helps in reaching more number target audience.

• Saves money and time – Our text sms marketing service is offering with affordable price with premium service.

• Maintaining user engagement – Keep your customers engaged by sending them mobile campaigns often. Understand your subscribing data by taking polls so you know when to reach out to them and when not to


  • Text Message Marketing
  • Webwidgets
  • Mobile Coupons
  • SMS Reminders
  • Text 2 Find
  • Text 2 Win
  • mCommerce
  • Link Delivery
  • Mobile Voting/Polls
  • Multimedia Messaging
  • Launch Kits
  • MyLA
  • Scratcher
  • SMS alerts – TXHD to 87365

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