Textmunication’s Direct API access is now available for Shopify users

Text marketing for Shopify users that gets clicks & buys.

Learn how to convert abandoned carts with automatic text reminders and increase repeat purchases by 30% using personalized SMS/MMS marketing

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Why choose Textmunication for your Shopify store?


Why text marketing pairs with e-commerce perfectly

Text marketing allows your Shopify store to connect with the full-funnel purchase data of your customers

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Post-purchase engagement

Stay connected with customers after purchases by sending exclusive deals, early access to new products, or personalized recommendations based on their past orders.

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Build brand loyalty

Regular text communication cultivates customer relationships and fosters brand loyalty. Customers feel valued and are more likely to return for future purchases.

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Generate immediate attention

Texts land directly on users’ phones, grabbing their attention in real-time. This immediacy creates a sense of urgency and increases the likelihood of them clicking through to your message.

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High open and click rates

Compared to emails, SMS boasts significantly higher open rates, often exceeding 90%. This ensures your retargeting message reaches your audience’s eyes directly, bypassing the clutter of inboxes


Text marketing results from our clients

Abdullah H
Wow, Ive been looking for a way to keep a line of communication ongoing with my current and past clients. Textmunication, really simplified and automated the process for my one man team. I have been raving about them simply because they helped re-engage 4 potential clients for me. This was money I would have left on the table. My existing clients also like it and have taken me on some of my end of summer promos. Looking forward to the future.
Mindy Gross
We’ve worked with the Textmunication team for almost a year. Their genuine passion and excitement to help our business succeed has helped boost our growth, and ultimately our clients are seeing substantial success with their SMS efforts. The text service is reliable, easy-to-use, innovative, and continually expanding to exceed functionality of the competitors. We are grateful for the cohesive partnership we have with Textmunication.
Lisa Loufas
Julian was very helpful in assisting us in setting up and sending out our promos and with every questions I may have.Communicating with him through email, I get fast response!
Craig Verner
Our company needed option when we encountered a situation with our previous provide. Textmunication was evaluated and was a good fit for our SMS traffic and as a responsive partner. They worked with us continuously throughout the migration and onboarding process. TM added functionality based on our request, which helped us expedite our migration. We look forward building our partnership as we work together solving our clients pain points.
Sheryl Egan-Olaivar
We have used Textmunication for our health club for over 2 years. The system is very user-friendly and has loads of great options to effectively communicate important updates, as well as engage our members with birthday messages, "we miss you", prize drawings plus more! Our members tell us they love receiving the texts; it has been a game changer for us to promote our gym services to our members and keep our members informed and happy! Customer Service is prompt, friendly and very efficient!
Alix Louca
Great service. I have been with Textmunication for over 5 years. The software works well and I am always in touch with my members. Highly Recommend.
Tonja Donoho
Very prompt response when I ran into an issue, and resolved quickly. We are loving our Textmunication experience and results so far.
payal shah
Amazing experience and really helpful for reaching a wider audience in the most simplest way!
Navneet Sandhu
Love their service. Easy Setup & Friendly User website. Extremely low rates compare to other texting services for your business.
Kari Bell
We have used Textmunication for over a year now. The SMS capability had been a much-needed level of communication for our staff and Textmunication integrates well with our current database, is easy to program and use, and the support, if needed, is readily available.

Join other Shopify users leveraging text marketing

We offer 7-day free trials and a personalized workshop so you can text a few text marketing campaigns and see immediate results before you buy. It is our gift to you.


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