Imagine this. You’ve thirteen thousand employees all over the globe. And you want to communicate with them instantly with the news about your latest product hitting a huge success in the market. You can shoot them an email. But not all can read it if they can’t access the emails on their phones.

What if you’ve also offered them a discount voucher valid for 48 hours if they book the product? You surely need a great communication channel for this news to spread like wildfire. And emails might not be the right tool.

Sending an SMS is your best bet in this scenario. Personal, quick, and trustworthy. Now expand this same scenario to your huge user base.

Do you not want to engage with your customers more personally, building stronger relationships and increasing loyalty? Then Textmunication is for you. With Textmunication SMS and MMS program, this is all possible. You can quickly and easily convey information, reducing the need for lengthy emails or phone calls, which saves you time and increases productivity.

Textmunication SMS and MMS can be a powerful tool for bridging the communication gap with your customers and employees. Below are some ways in which this technology can be utilized.

Benefits of Employee and User Communication with Textmunication’s SMS API

  1. Real-Time Communication

    No one parts from their mobile these days. Text messages are also delivered instantly, making them a great way to interact with your consumers and employees in real-time. This can help quickly resolve issues or answer questions that they may have.

    Automate answers to the most common questions for your employees. Drop links to corporate policies, appraisal process, upcoming events, etc., and facilitate employee awareness. Similarly, update your users about products, services, the latest industry news, and their grievances. Keep the engagement high.

  2. Improved Engagement

    By using Textmunication SMS and MMS, you can engage with your customers and employees on a more personal level. This can help to build stronger relationships and increase loyalty.

    Emails take time to fetch answers. But with an SMS, your users and employees don’t need an internet connection. They can even raise a request or ring an alarm from remote areas. Wouldn’t it be amazing to aid them in sticky situations when even the ubiquitous internet can’t reach them?

  3. Increased Efficiency

    Text messages are a quick and easy way to convey information. They reduce the need for lengthy emails and phone calls. This helps save time and increase productivity.

    When you can reach out to your employees and users with just a text and address their concerns equally fast, their efficiency and productivity are bound to shoot to a higher level.

  4. Cost-Effective

    Textmunication SMS and MMS are generally more affordable than other forms of communication, such as phone calls or direct mail. This can help to reduce costs and improve ROI.

    An SMS with Textmunication’s SAM costs you one cent to two. If you have to reach out to all your employees instantly or spread the word about your company among your users, bulk SMS marketing is just the fastest and cheapest way.

  5. Multimedia Capabilities

    You can send images, videos, and other multimedia content with MMS, making it a great way to showcase products, services, and company culture. This helps to increase engagement and generate interest.

    But that’s not all! You can send general awareness content using infographics and the benefits of your products using a GIF. And who doesn’t like the gamification of content? Woo your employees about the latest policy updates and upcoming bonuses using beautiful videos and embedded images,

    All of this at more affordable and flexible pricing plans than other forms of communication, leading to a higher return on investment for your business.

    So, don’t wait any longer. Unleash the full potential of MMS and SMS marketing with Textmunication.

  6. Advanced And Versatile

    How can Textmunication Bridge the Communication Gap?

    Textmunication SMS and MMS are game-changing tools that can revolutionize how you interact and engage with your audience, employees, and other stakeholders! With their real-time delivery, multimedia capabilities, and cost-effective features, text marketing can bridge the communication gap with your stakeholders like never before.

    So why wait? Sign up now for Textmunication SMS and MMS and experience the differences they can bring to your business! By utilizing this technology, you can improve engagement, increase efficiency, and build stronger relationships, ultimately leading to greater success for your business. Reach out to us here for a demo or customized plan.


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