Every New Year Health and Fitness businesses get very busy with newbies looking for a lifestyle change. This is the best time of year for sales and your staff is ready with both guns loaded. Am I right?
Not necessarily. What usually happens is that your staff goes into Zombie overload and you find that they are now just order takers. “I would like membership #1 please” It is the worst time of year for retention.
So how do you keep them coming back, telling their friends, introducing them to new profit centers. Who is going to have time to do all of this very important work?
Text message marketing is the best tool I have seen in decades for the health and fitness industry. Text messaging is an online mobile marketing & communication platform that synchronizes with your Club Management System to support; sales, service, operations and retention with todays most popular & effective forms of communication. It is a Zombie fighting machine.
Want more info text “Leads2016” to 87365 and we will set up a complete demo.


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