When was the last time you thought about locksmiths?  Probably the last time you had a locksmith emergency.  And if you have never had one, you might not have ever given much thought to the profession. 

Should you give more thought to locksmiths?  Yes, because they can help improve your safety and reduce the chances of you experiencing a locksmith emergency.  But since we as humans tend to react to situations rather than prevent them, most of us don’t bother. 

If you aren’t willing to work with a locksmith to prevent an emergency, you should at least prepare for an emergency to happen.  This means learning about what emergency locksmiths can do as well as finding a fast Austin emergency locksmith service.  Lucky for you, we are here to help.  Read below to learn more about what an emergency locksmith can do for you. 




This is easily the number one emergency service that locksmiths offer.  Every day, hundreds—even thousands—of people will lock themselves out of their home, their car, or their place of business.  In some cases, the even lock themselves out of their file cabinets or safes.  While we tell ourselves it won’t happen to us, the truth is that it is easier to do than we realize, and we shouldn’t think that we are above making simple mistakes. 

As soon as you are locked out, find a way to contact a trusted emergency locksmith service.  True emergency services should be able to get to you within 30 minutes.  If your emergency is more dire than the typical lockout—perhaps a child is locked in a hot car—then you may receive faster service.  Make certain you are clear with the customer representative regarding what makes your emergency an emergency so they can prioritize your case if needed. 


Repairing and Replacing Locks After a Break In


Should you experience a break in, or even an attempted break in, your priority number one will be to feel safe in your home once more.  While it could, in theory, wait until later, chances are you will want the repair and replacement of your locks to be done as soon as possible, making it an emergency service. 

What should you expect the locksmith to do?  The first step will be to evaluate the damaged locks.  This evaluation will determine if the locks need to be replaced or if they can simply be repaired.  However, the locksmith will not stop here.

Once the damaged locks are taken care of, he will perform a general security survey, helping you find other areas of weakness in your home that criminals could exploit in the future.  This will include things such as door jambs, the placement of locks, the use of deadbolts, the types of window locks used, lighting, and more.  The goal is to ensure that once the locksmith is done, you will feel safe and secure in your home, able to rest easy once more. 


Rekeying Locks


Unlike the previous two services, many people do not realize that rekeying is a service that exists, much less that it can be an emergency service.  With this service, your lock’s internal mechanism is switched out for another, rendering old keys useless.  This is ideal for cases when you have lost your keys, given a copy to someone who should no longer have one, or experienced a break in where the thief apparently entered using a key. 

To prepare, find a locksmith you can trust today so you will not be so panicked when the time comes.  


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